Lisey’s Story Episode 3 Recap: Under the Yum-Yum Tree

Lisey’s Story is a horror-drama miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. King has written the series while Pablo Larraín has directed it. The series stars Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dane DeHaan and Joan Allen, alongside other cast members. Lisey’s Story episode 3 is titled Under the Yum-Yum Tree.

Lisey’s Story episode 3 recap

Lisey’s Story episode 3 starts off with Jim Dooley looking at the life-sized cardboard cutout of Scott in his dimly lit room. On the other hand, Lisey is off to meet Amanda, where Darla is waiting for her. The latter calls her and asks her when she’s arriving and asks her to get a bunch of stuff. Darla is pretty cold to her sister and says some untoward things to her, which pisses Lisey off. She, however, doesn’t say anything to her and screams after the call ends.

On another note, Amanda is going deeper into her depressive state. Or is it something supernatural? It’s hard to say at this point. However, when Darla embraces her sister, she comments that Amanda feels different. We then see Amanda going into the pond/water body.

Meanwhile, Lisey talks to a police officer about Jim. He tells her that he was arrested once for assaulting an academician and then shows her a video where he is seeing stuffing a pie on the academician’s face who was talking down on Scott’s works. Lisey laughs and tells the office that the incident is from a book that Scott had written – the pie of death. She further says that Scott had a lot of followers and not all of them were wired right. However, he loved them regardless.

However, what really creeps Lisey out is when she sees the video Jim left on Scott’s website. It’s a video where he shows off his Scott Landon wall which is filled with maps and cut-outs of Landon’s works and books. Jim’s obsession with Scott’s unpublished books seems to be dangerous as he says that if those books are published, he can still win all the awards.

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In Amanda’s house in Lisey’s Story episode 3, Lisey finds their mother’s chest in a cabinet under a bunch of Oreos. She is surprised but hurriedly opens the box to find the contents inside. She finds a postcard that Scott had sent Amanda on their honeymoon. The memories come flooding back to her as we are thrown into a flashback. All is nice and wonderful in the memory until they sit under a tree and Scott tells Lisey about his family. I am not going to write what happens afterwards in my Lisey’s Story episode 3 recap, but trigger warning for child abuse here. The emotional and physical abuse is horrifying.

However, the good thing that comes out of this is Scott talking about how much fun he had during the Bool Hunts and reflects upon the Booya Moon. His relationship with his brother Paul, too, gets some attention and it’s an emotional moment that ends a bit too fast. Soon, she also remembers the time when she is transported to a place called Sweetheart Hill – is it all in her imagination or did it really happen? The episode doesn’t let us know.

Anyway, on the other hand, Amanda, in a haze, goes out of her room unsupervised and ends up with a pair of scissors and no one finds out about it. When Darla comes in, she finds Amanda sitting nonchalantly with her whole wrist cut to pieces and saying, “Help me Lisey”. Again, trigger warning for self-harm.

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Lisey talks to Amanda about what she found in the cedar box and we flashback to a time which she shared with Scott. Lisey tells her that she is her big sister Manda bunny, which triggers Amanda to start crying, telling her that she wants to come home. Lisey tells her that she might think what she is experiencing is real but it is, in fact, not. It was Scott and his brother’s way of coping with abuse. At the same time, we see Jim’s crude bomb (?) going off and lighting a stack of hay on fire in a barn.

As Lisey comes home, she is followed closely by Darla, who apologises to her for her mean behaviour. They both mention that neither has been sleeping well and they discuss where the police officer is and life in general. Unbeknownst to them, Jim is standing right outside the house. He goes into the Landons’ house and gets his hands on the manuscripts.

As Lisey’s Story episode 3 ends, we see Lisey understanding the various things that she wasn’t able to connect till now. Like how Booya Moon is Banella in one of Scott’s books. She also thinks back on every time she found the water running and Scott missing. What is Lisey getting at? We also see Jim in Lisey’s house and as she goes back, she looks surprised as the screen cuts to back.

Confused? Yeah, me too. This series is a rollercoaster.

Lisey’s Story is streaming on Apple TV+.

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Lisey's Story episode 3 sheds light on Scott's past and the terrors that await Lisey. But it's all really confusing.

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