Lisey’s Story Episode 2 Recap: Blood Bool

Lisey’s Story is a horror-drama miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. King has written the series while Pablo Larraín has directed it. The series stars Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dane DeHaan and Joan Allen, alongside other cast members. Lisey’s Story episode 2 is titled Blood Bool.

Lisey’s Story episode 2 recap

Lisey’s Story episode 2 starts off more or less in the same way. Lisey, in the pool, thinks back to her wedding when Amanda had told her about Scott and that he was a cutter too. She also tells Lisey that she needs to take care of Scott and that it won’t be easy loving him.

In the present, sitting at the facility, Amanda thinks back to a time in their childhood when they were playing. The scene is surreal, with a pirate ship, a body of water and some very weird people sitting behind her. She mentions “long boy” to Darla who has come to visit her, and I am unsure whether it’s some repressed memory or if it’s all in Amanda’s head. I’d go for the latter.

Lisey, on the other hand, after getting the threatening phone call from Jim, calls Dashmiel and tells him that if he doesn’t rein his men in, she will go to the police and file a harassment report. Dashmiel asks her not to do that, and that he had only asked Jim to persuade her without using violence. Lisey says that alone should’ve told him what he was getting into. Dashmiel tries to call Jim, but the line’s disconnected – he looks stressed.

We then flashback to when Dashmiel had met Jim at a bar. The latter comes across as someone not quite all there, however, Dashmiel seems intent on interviewing him. Their mutual appreciation for Scott Landon’s work might have brought them together, but Dashmiel prodding Jim might not have been his best idea.

Next, we flashback again to when Scott had sold his first book for $2500. As Lisey is getting ready to go out, Darla calls her and asks her why she hadn’t sent a card to Amanda for her birthday. They get into a spat over it and Lisey hangs up the phone. However, Scott too doesn’t show up to meet her and she fights with him as well. At the end of it, Scott says that he can fix this and goes out.

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We flashback in the flashback and go to Scott’s childhood. His father was abusive and he used to self-harm. Thus, when they had the aforementioned fight, Scott went out and broke a laundromat’s window and cut himself – all to apologise for forgetting. Lot’s of trigger warnings here. What follows is a lot of weird conversation and the start of an unhealthy relationship.

Well, Scott asks her to marry him the same night and that very night itself he vanishes from his bed, Lisey finds the faucet running and then he’s back in bed again, out of nowhere. The next morning, Lisey is astonished to find that Scott’s wounds have almost healed and they decide to get married.

While remembering all of these things, Lisey finds her third clue. From there she calls the doctor from the first episode again, and he finds the fourth clue in one of his books.

Jim, on the other hand in Lisey’s Story episode 2, goes to Scott’s old home and talks to the new homeowner. Well, more like harasses him about watching TV. The interaction only proves that Jim’s delusional but doesn’t offer much else. He then goes to sit outside Lisey’s home with a pizza.

Lisey, on the other hand, goes off to meet the police about Jim and his threat. The Chief tells her that Dashmiel had tried to contact Jim, but the latter has gone off the grid. He assures her that they will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

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Lisey's Story episode 2
Lisey's Story Episode 2 Recap: Blood Bool 6

Lisey comes home and immediately feels like something is remiss. Instead of going inside without a weapon, she goes to find the shovel. Once she has that in her hand and with a mysterious letter in her pocket, she searches her property but doesn’t find anyone. But well, except for the dead crow in her letterbox. The letter, on the other hand, is a rambling note on why the bird got hurt and why she should turn over Scott’s papers.

The Chief asks Lisey to keep a firearm for her own safety, a request which she turns down. However, he tells her that a unit will be parked outside her home until they find Jim. Lisey’s Story episode 2 ends with Amanda crying and saying that she doesn’t want to be in her dream realm while a ghostly female figure tells her to be quiet. We then see the supernatural being (long boy?) before the screen cuts to black.

Lisey’s Story episode 2 reads a bit vague because that is what it came across as in my eyes. I was at a little bit of a loss for most of the episode, especially the ending. With so many themes bubbling around, I am unsure as to how the series will finally end or which direction it’d take. Additionally, I hope it picks up a bit of pace later on.

Lisey’s Story is streaming on Apple TV+.

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Lisey's Story episode 2 proves to be a confusing episode regarding where it exactly wants to go.

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