7 Effective Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Save Money

Let us discuss and explore a few practical ideas that can teach you how to save money and make those extra savings without much to sacrifice. The first step begins with one breaking their bad habits and considering small lifestyle changes in their daily routine.

1. Cook your own meal

Instead of grabbing takeout, switch to preparing your own food. It will help you save money and stay fit throughout. Of course, it takes time and effort to plan a meal but once you get the hang of it, you’ll start enjoying the whole process. Cooking is a life skill that one must possess in today’s day and age. For hassle-free cooking, plan your meals a day before, hence allowing you to have all the necessary items required for your dish.

Prepare ahead for a busy night by cooking in batches and freezing the rest, which can be consumed later. This way, you will be saving both time and money. Also, when you cook your own meal, it becomes easier to make sure that your food is nutrient-rich and has the goodness of wholesome ingredients, both of which are mandatory for a healthy lifestyle.

Instead of regularly lunching outside, dig through your fridge and make something out of the leftovers from last night, in case they’re still good and edible. Go through YouTube or your favourite Instagram food blogger’s posts, you’ll always discover tips and tricks on how to make use of leftover food and come up with a yummy dish.

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2. Take advantage of happy hours, coupons and discounts

Dining outside is fun and effortless but not very good on your wallet when you’re trying to minimize expenses. Avoid lavish lifestyle habits and stick to making your own food at home, but occasionally you can go out for lunch or dinner. This is a very convenient way to meet up and spent quality time with friends and family.

Just remember to take advantage of happy hours and various offers in food outlets to make it less expensive. A lot of places offer food at discounted rates or give out gift vouchers on special occasions and festivals to lure customers. Furthermore, takeouts and apps that let you order in also offer many discounts and gift cards. Make use of these and you will be astonished at the amount you save on what would traditionally be an expensive meal.

Where to Find the Best Happy Hour Hong Kong Offers
3. Cancel unused Memberships

How often do you use Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO Max? Check if there are any subscriptions that are being auto-renewed without your knowledge. What about the gym membership you bought in January, or the magazine subscription you never got the time to read? Go through your bank statement thoroughly and reassess your expenditures to see if you really need to avail all the services at present or if you could do without some of them. Chances are, you probably don’t make use of that many right now and could filter some out.

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4. Purchase staples in bulk

Instead of purchasing separate bottles of spices, tea sachets, coffee, sugar, flour and the like, go to your nearest local food store that offers these items in bulk. Having a pantry full of frequently used goods always comes in handy in times of any type of emergency or crisis or worse, uninvited guests! You’ll find that shopping in bulk is genuinely more cost-effective than buying in small quantities and also saves you the headache of having to go back to the store for an immediate need you might face in the near future.

5. Unplug electrical Appliances when not in use

Yes we know, this advice seems rather boring doesn’t it? We have all heard the same thing being preached in school. However, one doesn’t quite realise how much they can save by following this tip, while also being able to help the environment. While you are heading out or before going to the bed, take a minute to look around your house for any switched-on electrical devices. Have you switched off the toaster? Are your lamps shut down? Have you left a phone charger on the plug point? Make it a habit to check your kitchen appliances once you are done using them and unplug any of the remaining ones which might not be in use.

It can become overwhelming to always remember to unplug each item, in which case you can use one surge protector where you can put all the cords in the same general area. This way, you will just have to switch on and off only the mainboard and not for each appliance individually.

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6. Take up inexpensive hobbies for leisure

As human beings, all of us share a passion with some form of hobby which interests us. It could be reading or gardening for some, painting or skiing for others. The trick is to maintain a lowkey lifestyle rather than going for expensive hobbies like golf, art gallery bidding, and the like.

You can always pursue hobbies that interest you without draining your wallet. The sole aim of indulging in such activities is to relax and free your mind of the daily stress and not to give additional stress about how to pay for it! Take part in group activities rather than going solo. You can make new friends/connections this way and also not bear the whole cost on your shoulders.

While paying for the bills, remember not to use a credit card since it compels you to pay for stuff later and you don’t get an idea of the amount you are spending. Always use a debit card for shopping since that way, you know your limit and won’t spend unnecessarily. Refrain from a splurging lifestyle at all costs if you aim to save.

 7. Find DIY projects

In case you are not a do-it-yourself believer, it’s time to become one as this can help you in a lot of ways in minimizing expenses. Each time you call a professional for getting some simple work done, you end up paying a lot of money which you could have saved if you knew how to do it yourself.

Take charge and start learning the basics of doable tasks like gardening, plumbing, bike maintenance, changing a car tire, and other mundane but crucial things. Did you know that you can make a coffee table out of old car tires, giving it a more rustic, bohemian look? Click here to know how to make it! Take up these minor lifestyle changes and see the benefits for yourself.

The advantage of DIY items is that you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself and also get to pick up an innovative new skill in a short span of time. One can also transform it into a weekend hobby and make money out of it. Plus, you can tackle boredom and get a lot of benefits from utilizing DIY skills.

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