Lies and Deceit: What Happened to Xavier and Laura? Will There be Season 2?

Netflix’s Lies and Deceit was released a few days ago and has grabbed enough attention. Then he said/she said thriller series is a remake of British psychological thriller called Liar. Created by Curro Novallas, the Spanish show stars Ángela Cremonte as Laura Munar and Javier Rey as Xavier Vera. The first season had 6 episodes.

In the show, Laura, a high school teacher, accuses Xavier, a surgeon, of drug raping her after their date. Xavier denies all her accusations. In those 6 episodes, the makers show us both sides and reveal the truth. It turns out that Laura was right, and Xavier indeed raped her by spiking her drink with drug scopolamine.

To prove that Xavier indeed raped her, Laura decides to find out about his past. It turns out that Xavier has raped several women using the same drug. One of his victims was his late wife’s sister. Xavier also drug rapes Daniela, the cop investigating Laura’s case. Laura, the cop and her colleague, set a trap to catch Xavier red-handed. But their plan fails as they have no proof against him.

Lies and Deceit Review

Lies and Deceit on Netflix: What Happens to Laura and Xavier?

But Laura doesn’t give up. She believes Xavier has recorded everything he did that night. If she gets her hands on the recording, it will be easy to prove that Xavier raped her. Through her investigation, Laura finds out about his mother’s house. She pretends to be Xavier’s colleague and searches his shed to find proof. Laura gets her hands on all the tapes Xavier had kept hidden. Mia calls Xavier to inform them about his colleague’s arrival and learns that Laura has lied.

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Laura somehow manages to escape from there with the tapes in her hands. Xavier arrives at his mother’s house, but it’s too late. Laura hands the tapes to the cops. They start their search for Xavier as they now have evidence against him. However, Xavier is found dead a few days later at the beach. The makers haven’t revealed how he died. On the other hand, Laura is in a better space in life.

Will there be Lies and Deceit Season ?

Ever since the show was released, viewers have wondered if there will be Lies and Deceit Season 2. Well, it seems highly unlikely. The main culprit is dead. His past also came into the limelight, so there’s not much left for the makers to tell. Curro Novallas, the show’s creator, has also not yet revealed any plans to make the second season.

Watch the show here.

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