La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos Review: The Legend Does Not Deliver an Impact

La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos is a documentary series about one of the greatest football defenders of all time, Sergio Ramos, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The series has 6 episodes and this documentary flick is the sequel to El Corazon de Sergio Ramos (The Heart of Sergio Ramos).

La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos

José Rueda directed this documentary series based on Sergio Ramos’s life history. In this series, Sergio himself takes us through his life journey, all the ups and downs, and shares every bit of him being a footballer.

Sergio Ramos has been playing in Real Madrid’s team for the last 15 years, he was seen in 645 games for Los Blancos as well and there’s no stopping for him. When we see a celebrity or a legendary player like him, we only know what the media feeds us or just from the outer cover but there’s so much more to know about them personally which this documentary series proves without a doubt.

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Why be a part of the happy days only? If you love your legend, be a part of their bad days as well. La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos tells the story of Ramos’s glorious years along with his disappointments and pain. Even if you face any bad situation, you should never stop giving what you love your 100%. This is what Sergio tries to say through this documentary.

We see these legends through a shiny veil but in person, they have a very normal life thinking about their family and their future. The first episode begins with one of Sergio’s greatest matches ‘El Classico’ where Real Madrid plays against Barcelona. Sergio takes a stroll down memory lane, thinking about those 90 minutes as the captain of Real Madrid.

In La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos‘s second episode, Sergio shares his beginnings, from where it all began. In this episode, he also discloses his controversial transfer. The third episode deals with the current situation. When coronavirus and the pandemic hit the world, it was Real Madrid who put his players in quarantine first. During that time, Sergio stayed 99 days with his pregnant wife and three kids. He exclaims that it was a difficult time for him. The fourth episode is about his and his team’s comeback after the lockdown. In this episode, he and his wife also welcome another member of their family.

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The fifth episode of La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos discovers the different emotions and feelings of Sergio Ramos. How he feels each time leaving his family behind to play, how he feels when other people talk about his achievements. And, finally, in the sixth episode, he talks about his future.

La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos

Stream it or Skip it: La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos

The documentary uncovers many events but somehow it feels like it does not disclose enough. La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos is better than its prequel but still, it fails to make an impact. In some places, I felt they hurriedly finished the episode, in some places I felt they stretched it a bit longer. I think it makes sense if you’re a football fan, but apart from that, it wouldn’t be an immersive experience.

La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.




La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos has a lot of things that it gives the audience but still fails to make a lasting impact.
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