Kurup Review: Watch it for Good Performances and Twisted 2nd Half!

Kurup Review: The Malayalam biographical crime thriller, is now out in theatres. Directed by Srinath Rajendran, Jithin K. Jose penned the story with a screenplay by K. S. Aravind and Daniell Sayooj Nair. I saw the film in Hindi, for which the dialogues were translated/written by Mohan Nair. The film stars Dulquer Salmaan, Indrajith Sukumaran, Sobhita Dhulipala, Shivajith, Sunny Wayne, Shine Tom Chacko, and Walid Riachy. Nimish Ravi has worked as the cinematographer for the film, which has Sushin Shyam’s music.

The synopsis reads, “The film is based on India’s  longest wanted fugitive from Kerala has been on the run since the mid-1980s. He killed an innocent man named Chako to fake his own death and has committed many big crimes.”

Kurup Review Contains No Spoilers

Kurup Review: Plot, Screenplay

The film starts with Gopikrishnan (Dulquer Salmaan) joining the Airforce under his family’s pressure. Gopi wants to grow in life but also want to enjoy the luxury of freedom and enormous wealth. Due to a series of events, Gopi becomes Sudhakara Kurup, corrupt, selfish and a criminal. His greed has no limits, and he doesn’t shy away from killing an innocent man to fake his own death. What are Sudhakara’s motives to fake his death? The reason will startle you.

In the film, we also meet DYSP Krishnadas, the cop who has been a part of the case for almost 3 decades. Krishnadas has made up his mind to catch the criminal no matter what.

K.S. Aravind and Daniell Sayook Nair have explored the non-linear narrative style. The first half is a little light, but it’s long. The story is told in chapters, and we learn about Gopi’s time in the Air Force and his romantic life. However, both chapters are lengthy and do not hold the viewer’s attention entirely. When Shine Tom Chacko’s Bhasi enters the scene, the pace gets better.

Shine Tom Chacko as Bhasi is a character written to be hated, and the actor is phenomenal in those 30-35 minutes. While some of his fight sequences become unnecessarily long and monotonous, the actor does not fall short. In fact, if Bhasi’s part hadn’t been included, the first half would have been mediocre. Along with Shine, Indrajith Sukumaran’s cop Krishnadas adds more intensity. During Kurup-Bhasi and Krishnadas’ chapters, the narration gains momentum, and the suspense is maintained even after the interval, till the end.

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The second part of the film is dominated by Dulquer Salmaan, who leaves you wanting more. The screenplay is tight and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Several surprising twists and turns create a lasting impression. Aravind and Nair compensate for an okay first half with a thrilling second half.

Kurup Review: Music, Cinematography and Performances

Sushin Shyam’s background score lends the needed tension to the plot.  The Hindi songs are enjoyable, but I wish they were a little shorter in the film. Earlier it was Malik this year and Dulquer’s latest – Sushin has proven again why he’s the brightest and one of the best.

Nimish Ravi’s cinematography effectively captures the spirit of the 1970s and 1980s. Although I was not born in that era, I have seen numerous photographs of Mumbai and India from that time. It makes me delighted to watch set designers go to such lengths to capture the actual essence of old Bombay in films. In the Kurup film, there are some fantastic long shots. A wide shot is taken from atop a murder scene in the midst of the greenery. The eerie aura in that scene reminded me of In the Tall Grass, a Netflix horror film.

Coming to performance, Dulquer Salmaan has put forward a stellar act as Sudhakara Kurup. It’s always interesting when an audience’s beloved, good-looking and talented actor plays a bad person. The response can be unexpected, and people might end up hailing the bad character that’s portrayed. But not even in one scene Dulquer makes you feel that Kurup is ‘nice’. Yes, you’re wowed by his cleverness and how he manages to escape every trap. But that’s just a portrayal of some reality.

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Indrajith Sukumaran and Shine Tom Chacko are my other favourite performers in the film. The duo adds a great kick to the story on screen with their characters Krishnadas and Bhasi. Sobhita Dhulipala plays Gopi/Kurup’s wife, Sharda, a nurse. The actor plays her part well and looks breathtaking in her scenes with Dulquer.

Kurup Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, watch Kurup for outstanding performances and a twisted second half. You are made to keep guessing what happens till the end. 

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Kurup Review: Great performances and an edgy second half wins you.

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Kurup Review: Great performances and an edgy second half wins you.Kurup Review: Watch it for Good Performances and Twisted 2nd Half!