Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap and Review: Ye-sool and Min-hu are ‘Real Lovers’

Kiss Sixth Sense (키스 식스 센스) is a romantic-fantasy Korean drama series directed by Nam Ki-hoon and stars Yoon Kye-sang, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Ji-suk and Hwang Bo-ra, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes, each with a runtime of around an hour. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name by Gatnyeo. Kiss Sixth Sense episode 9 has a runtime of 64 minutes.

Disney+ describes the series as:


– Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 review contains spoilers –

A frazzled Min-hu, realizing that his girlfriend is in danger, pushes through his pain and immediately fetches her just as she’s about to be abducted in a black car by a man wearing all-black. Funnily, Ye-sool asks him why he’s so concerned about her, considering they decided to break up and Min-hu, in typical Min-hu style, asks her how long she is going to keep this up and drags her back to the resort.

As Min-hu falls down thanks to his headache, Ye-sool grows concerned and he waves it off saying that he only needs his medicine. Ye-sool asks him a bunch of questions regarding what happened to him and he finally opens up to her about his abilities.

kiss sixth sense episode 9
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9

Ye-sool is left confused, especially when he tells her that he feels better when he’s around her but she funnily tells him to just say that he wants to hold her hand! Anyway, she thinks back to all the times that she kissed him but thanks to the conversation they have afterwards, their misunderstanding is cleared.

The next morning, as Ye-sool sleeps, Min-hu thinks back to who could’ve wanted to harm her. He wonders if it’s the burglar from her place but when he asks her whether someone has been following her around, she replies that it’s him – taking Min-hu by surprise. It’s great watching them together, having worked through their problems.

Anyway, Pil-yo and Ji-young both lament the loss of their prospective lovers, who did not consent to be their lovers in the first place, after seeing them come out of his room. However, it doesn’t stop Ji-young from harassing Ye-sool like the spoilt brat that she is. As shooting commences, Min-hu notices the guy from last night stalking them.

He gives chase but isn’t able to catch hold of him. Later, when Ji-young gets into an accident, Ye-sool fills in for her as a body double and the smile on both Pil-yo and Min-hu’s faces says it all! After shooting wraps up, Ye-sool turns down Pil-yo’s advances and their teammates catch wind of the dating rumours.

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kiss sixth sense episode 9
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9

As Min-hu packs up and ships the car off, Ye-sool thinks back to how her boyfriend saved her from danger and then goes to the airport alone. All of the revelations seem a bit excessive for Ye-sool, who asks him what he’s hiding from her. They talk some more about his powers and he opens up about his fears surrounding his hypersensitivity.

Back at home, Min-hu interrogates the cop in charge of the burglary case while Ye-sool chats with her mother. While looking at a picture album, they realise that none of her father’s pictures is in the album. Her mother seems to have some suspicions regarding what’s going on since she looks quite concerned. Meanwhile, the sisters catch up with their lives.

Min-hu, meanwhile, looks into the Blood Moon Murder case whose suspect was found dead after six months.

The next day, Min-hu picks up an unsuspecting Ye-sool from home to go to work. She looks uncomfortable being seen with him, commenting how she doesn’t want people to think that she got to where she is thanks to him. As Min-hu gets annoyed at her insistence, he promises to be rude to her at work “just like a psychopath”!

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kiss sixth sense episode 9
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9

And Min-hu delivers just that. As they secretly steal glances amid his tyranny and weird hand gestures, Ye-sool receives the link to an interview that Pil-yo did where he opens up about his feelings by using his movie as an analogy.

This pushes Ye-sool deep into thought after which she asks Min-hu to walk with her. After she doesn’t say anything, Min-hu mentions that regardless of what their future holds, he has no intention of breaking up with her under any circumstance. Ye-sool is confused by his sudden confession and he then decides to drop her off at home.

At home, after receiving Pil-yo’s invitation to watch Haroo, Ye-sool gets to thinking about her relationships with these two men and what she wants. Meanwhile, Min-hu talks to his doctor and it is revealed that he knew Ye-sool from when they were young and it has something to do with the accident she was in.

Min-hu is concerned about whether telling her everything when she chose to forget the bad memories is fair or necessary but his doctor asks him to handle the problem head-on instead of beating around the bush.

On the other hand, Ye-sool, after watching Pil-yo’s movie realises how she has been running away from taking responsibility her whole life and when the movie ends and Pil-yo sits beside her, she says that although she sees the mistakes that she has made previously, she doesn’t want to repeat them anymore.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Ending

kiss sixth sense episode 9
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9

Determined, Ye-sool runs to meet Min-hu at his place, leaving him speechless on the phone. She looks absolutely ecstatic running down the road and when she reaches his place she tears up their contract and tells him that she wants them to be real lovers and not think about what the future holds or the consequences of dating each other.

Oh, and before kissing him, she tells him that it’s ok if he collapses since she’ll be spending the night with him.

No plants were hurt during this episode… yet!

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Review

kiss sixth sense episode 9
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9

Well, I am sorry but I wasn’t aware of how cute this can get! Ye-sool’s confident character arc is all we need, thanks to the closure that she finally got from Pil-yo. The episode is fantastic and reminds me why I like mature relationships more rather than watching kids make a mess with their relationships.

I liked how Ye-sool and Min-hu did not drag out their fight for more than 5 minutes and things were solved with a calm conversation. Of course, there are still immature moments, but hey, we are allowed a few of those. I am constantly left shocked by how sweet Min-hu is and how confident he is regarding his feelings for Ye-sool. However, I have a feeling that there is more to his character than we are made to believe right now.

Ye-sool and Min-hu’s romance forms the crux of this story although I think Pil-yo’s lovestruck character deserves some praise here since he didn’t take an obvious bait and devote his life to pleading with Ye-sool to date him. That’s concerning and pathetic and I do believe he isn’t that kind of a character. Plus, what’s Hae-jin playing at, egging him on like that and being creepy? I don’t like him, there’s something going on with him!

Regardless, the protagonists’ playful banter is sweet as all heck and hopefully doesn’t point towards the calm before the storm.

Kiss Sixth Sense is streaming on Disney+.

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 is cute and the reason why mature relationships are so much needed in media!


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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap and Review: Ye-sool and Min-hu are 'Real Lovers'Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 is cute and the reason why mature relationships are so much needed in media!