Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3 Recap: Do They, Don’t They?

Kiss Sixth Sense (키스 식스 센스) is a romantic-fantasy Korean drama series directed by Nam Ki-hoon and stars Yoon Kye-sang, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Ji-suk and Hwang Bo-ra, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes, each with a runtime of around an hour. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name by Gatnyeo. Kiss Sixth Sense episode 3 has a runtime of 64 minutes.

Disney+ describes the series as:


– Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3 review contains spoilers –

Last week’s kiss didn’t happen, guys – thank god! The non-consent was super bothersome and so thank god Min-hu woke up at the right moment. After Je-sool leaves his place, she immediately wonders how this situation will come to pass, but doesn’t come up with an answer to her question. Meanwhile, her friends keep trying to tell her to just give in and sleep with Min-hu.

kiss sixth sense episode 3
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3

Anyway, the heat increases at the office as Se-sool’s hard work with the bed advertisement pays off and Ye-sool gets congratulated for her outstanding job. At the celebration party, Planning Team 1 is shocked to learn that Je-sool put Min-hu to bed while Min-hu is congratulated at a private party with the team leads and the boss even alludes that he might become the youngest executive director.

As Min-hu asks Je-sool to go to the event hall with him and slowly but surely, the promise of them ending up together eventually makes Je-sool see her boss in a different light. She feels the vibes and wonders what is going on! Later on, however, Min-hu admonishes her for failing to forecast all the problems that they might face as a PM and even asks her why she made the effort to come to his house last night and should’ve instead stayed at the venue.

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kiss sixth sense episode 3
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3

We finally meet the third person in this twisted romance – Lee Pil-yo. He’s a film director who, it seems, says what is on his mind and is showered with praise at the press conference for his new film, Haroo. Meanwhile, Ye-sool gets lost in the dark after the power goes out in the office. As she walks around blindly, Min-hu gets ahold of her and puts his hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming. This propels her to have another vision – at the 30th-anniversary celebration of Zeu.Ad, she sees Min-hu proposing to her, shocking her thoroughly.

Anyway, Min-hu’s concern for Ye-sool comes on in bursts and very subtly. Standing in front of the rain in the lobby, Min-hu recounts to Ye-sool how she had talked about summer rains being so loud and how they should just put a bed in the lobby to sleep after working overnight. Ye-sool wonders how he still remembers that and he mentions that she is the only person who doesn’t remember anything. He then leaves, keeping the umbrella behind for her.

As Ye-sool thinks about her behaviour around Min-hu the last few days and wonders how her life always turns out to be like this – struggling while trying to live in the present. Meanwhile, Min-hu looks a bit worried as well. At the 30th anniversary celebration, Min-hu and Ye-sool steal glances at each other but the real shocker comes when she finds Pil-yo standing there in front of her instead of Min-hu, leaving her shocked. He’s also here with a ring, the ring that she saw in her dream.

kiss sixth sense episode 3
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3

Unable to take this silliness, Ye-sool just leaves him standing there with the ring. Unfortunately for Min-hu, it turns out that Pil-yo will be directing the advertisement that Team 1 will create. Pil-yo tries to talk to her multiple times throughout the night but she keeps stonewalling him until she leaves. Pil-yo wasn’t a good boyfriend in any way and thinking about him, she absent-mindedly walks into traffic.

Min-hu comes out of nowhere like a knight and saves her life. They later go out to eat steak and ask Min-hu to lend her some money. As they spend the night drinking and Min-hu recounting some of Ye-sool’s craziest moments, a drunk Ye-sool tells Min-hu about what she saw that night – that they will sleep together. She asks to confirm what she saw that night and Min-hu, after thinking about it for a split second, kisses her.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3 Review

kiss sixth sense episode 3
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3

Ok, I think I am pretty interested in the core story of Kiss Sixth Sense. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of things that I find absolutely unnecessary and can be done away with – including a lot of the office sequences that are just very tacky and annoying and just bog the runtime down. I’d rather have crisper episodes that a bloated and uninteresting in pockets 1+ hour episode. However, when we come back to Ye-sool and Min-hu, I am intrigued. Their chemistry is electrifying and the sexual tension is apparent. Regardless of Ye-sool’s feelings for her boss, Min-hu’s quiet demeanour but fiercely possessive attitude towards Ye-sool says a lot and is a delicious watch. I really hope to see some great conflict, later on, considering we have a long way to go!

Kiss Sixth Sense is streaming on Disney+.

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Kiss Sixth Sense episode 3 gets a bit steamy in places and the sexual tension is electrifying but suffers from extensive repetitive sequences.

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3 Recap: Do They, Don't They?Kiss Sixth Sense episode 3 gets a bit steamy in places and the sexual tension is electrifying but suffers from extensive repetitive sequences.