Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10 Recap and Review: A Plant is Harmed!

Kiss Sixth Sense (키스 식스 센스) is a romantic-fantasy Korean drama series directed by Nam Ki-hoon and stars Yoon Kye-sang, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Ji-suk and Hwang Bo-ra, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes, each with a runtime of around an hour. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name by Gatnyeo. Kiss Sixth Sense episode 10 has a runtime of 67 minutes.

Disney+ describes the series as:


– Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10 review contains spoilers –

The next morning, in Kiss Sixth Sense episode 10, Ye-sool wakes up with a smile on her face. Min-hu is already up making breakfast but his cooking is dismal and it’s clear that Ye-sool is quite scared to try it. She agrees to his suggestion of eating takeout instead, much to his comical disappointment.

She finds all of his tools to help with his condition and they discuss how his heightened senses came to be – it’s right after he was in an accident, which I am guessing is the same accident Ye-sool and her father were in. Ye-sool shares her own first prediction with him and they talk about how they’ve never said these things to other partners.

kiss sixth sense episode 10
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10

At home, Ye-sool thinks about her last vision and gets giddily embarrassed when she realises that Min-hu was professing his love for her. However, that changes when she gets to work and Min-hu asks all of them to work overtime thanks to no one doing their jobs properly.

As he overhears Ye-sool’s mother telling her to bring her boyfriend to her exhibition and immediately agreeing to go, Ye-sool is taken by surprise when she realises that they have switched which meetings to go to – Min-hu is meeting Pil-yo and she is meeting Ji-young.

In a rare moment for Ye-sool (which we are getting more and more of lately!), she tells Ji-young to stay away from making romantic gestures towards Min-hu because he’s hers now. That they are dating and she likes him very much. It leaves everyone stunned and she plants a kiss on Min-hu in the office elevator, ecstatic at her newfound confidence.

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kiss sixth sense episode 10
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10

Meanwhile, Ji-young and Pil-yo get together to talk crap about their failed relationships but end up praising themselves. Is this the start of a romance between the secondary characters? Probably, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into something like that.

A love-struck Ye-sool makes inappropriate comments about her boyfriend throughout their time together at work which Min-hu finds quite scandalous. Thank god he has good hearing. She then comes up with a love plan to minimise their problems surrounding kissing each other.

I wonder whether she’s using company time to make these in-depth PPTs but regardless, the way they sneak in kisses is hilarious and I am here for a good time. Also, Seo Ji-hye looks radiant in the scenes where she is romancing Min-hu.

kiss sixth sense episode 10
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10

And just like that, it’s time for him to meet her mother. But before that, Min-hu looks at the painting in his living room and thinks back to the day he and Ye-sool made it together. He wonders whether there’s any truth to what his doctor said about him expecting her to recognise him and whether he should just spill the beans to her.

The next day, they go to her mother’s exhibition and her mother remembers him immediately. They talk about how fate brought them together and she looks quite happy seeing him. They both discuss what they should do about telling Ye-sool about his connection with her and both agree to think of something later on and just enjoy the present for now.

Amid all the meet and greet, her mother gets a very creepy box of drawings of her. No one knows who it’s from and as her mother searches outside, we see a man in all black driving away. Meanwhile, Min-hu gives her the necklace from her prediction and she then tells him some dirty secrets from the fateful night.

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Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10

Unable to stop himself any longer, he plans for her to come to her place, sneakily lying that his plant is dying. However, their plan fails almost every day after that as something or the other happens at work. At a work dinner, after the Mopix project is done, the team starts playing truth or dare, which really isn’t really interesting or new in any way and they just keep asking the same questions that no one really answers.

But Min-hu texting the group chat instead of Ye-sool is hilarious. His face is perfect.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10 Ending

After the drinking session, Ye-sool obviously asks him what his deal is with his first love and why he drank so much on the day they were supposed to sleep together. He tells her that he missed her and is glad he can look at her as much as he wants.

kiss sixth sense episode 10
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10

With a lot of drunk blabbering out of the way, the two of them stumble into his house and in between their passionate make out session, they break Jackson, which can only mean one thing.

In the last scene, we see a young Ye-sool and Min-hu sitting on a bench together.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10 Review

Apart from Min-hu and Ye-sool acting like teenagers, Kiss Sixth Sense episode 10 hints at a sweet mystery that I am really invested in. Is it really the creepy Hae-jin? Is it someone else? Why are the father’s photos missing? Is Ye-sool’s mother going to die? I have many questions and the series doesn’t spend nearly enough time behind the half-baked mystery that it has decided to create.

Which, I must mention, is completely unnecessary. I am totally fine with watching these two love birds come to terms with themselves and open up and trust each other despite the issues that their relationship must have.

If it’s not evident by now, I love watching Min-hu and Ye-sool together. I think they complement each other’s annoying bits well and once they realise that they can trust each other, they become very sweet characters. I enjoyed watching them act like kids in the office. And although it’s inappropriate, it’s definitely something anyone would think to do in the initial stages of their relationships.

kiss sixth sense episode 10
Still From Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10

However, where I draw the line is spending too much time with the colleagues. I had brought up this point in previous reviews of the series – these colleagues are just so one-dimensional and over the top. Eom-ji, especially, just gets on my nerves. It’s evident that they have been added as the comic relief, but it’s just not funny and is sometimes too cringe.

Coming to Pil-yo and Ji-young – I am thankful we are not seeing them bugging our protagonists because it was just getting sad. The two of them spending them using their mutual hate for the former is quite nice and I previously mentioned, might just turn into something more. Honestly, I would also like it to be platonic, but I can’t watch two successful adults just wasting their lives away like this.

All in all, it’s an enjoyable episode and for the frothy romance lovers, this is going to be quite the entertaining watch. That’s what the series is as a whole, actually – it’s damn entertaining. And regardless of its flaws, I find myself laughing through most of the runtime so that’s always a positive in my book.

Kiss Sixth Sense is streaming on Disney+.

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Kiss Sixth Sense episode 10 is for those who were waiting for the sexual tension between our protagonists to finally break.

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 10 Recap and Review: A Plant is Harmed!Kiss Sixth Sense episode 10 is for those who were waiting for the sexual tension between our protagonists to finally break.