Kim Hee Sun Stood Up To Save Her Co-Star From Getting A Bad Facial Burn

The world of K-drama seems a little offbeat of they have their iconic slap incorporated in the show. This is the very reason which led actress Kim Hee Sun to stand up against a K-drama director to save her co-star from getting a really bad facial burn.

What was the incident?

In 2017’s Woman of Dignity, a dramatic slapping scene was involved that included the throwing off of some creamy alfredo sauce pasta. This scene took place in the 10th episode of the show when one of the female leads played by actress Yoo Seo Jin discovers her husband cheating on her with another female character played by actress Jung Da Hye.

In this particular scene, we witness Seo Jin and Da Hye arguing with one another. The scene climaxes when Seo Jin’s character slaps Da Hye’s character by tossing a plate of pasta on her face. This iconic scene gained over 1M views on YouTube and is referred to by the nickname- “Pasta Slap”.

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Is it as dramatic as it seems?

Apparently, yes. The director of the show insisted that the scene be shot according to the script which involved throwing a steamy, hot plate of pasta on Da Hye’s face. “The script specifically said that I get slapped by ‘hot, steamy pasta’ and the director was pretty adamant on doing it exactly as written”, says actress Jung Da Hye.

It was co-star Kim Hee Sun who put her foot down and stood up against the director and convince them that the scene is shot with a cooled down bowl of pasta. Actress Jung Da Hye notes, ” Kim Hee Sun eonni told the director that I ‘make a living off my face’ and saved me from having hot pasta poured on it. She made sure they cooled down the pasta that we used to shoot the scene.”

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Was it better this way?

Actress Jung Da Hye recalls that the noodles still hurt her face when it was thrown. It felt like being slapped by rubber gloves the actress mentioned. In fact, the actress has even confessed that she no longer eats alfredo sauce pasta as the scene has left her with trauma.

The fans of Woman of Dignity have gone on to criticize the director due to the lack of safety taken in regards to the cast members.

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