Beautiful Brides Katrina Kaif, Ariana Grande: Celebrity Weddings of 2021 that Made Us Fall in Love

The celebrity weddings of 2021 were nothing less than a page out of the book of fairytales where some surprised us and others thrilled us but, all of them made us fall in love with the grandiose and intimacy of weddings. The 2021 celebrity brides were a sight to behold with an aura unparalleled to any other, almost making us all dream of a wedding and attires similar to theirs. With a year that has troubled us more than bless us, these brides were inspiring and amazing. Let us have a look at all the beautiful brides from this year!

Celebrity Weddings of 2021 that Have Our Hearts!

Katrina Kaif

The most surprising and secretive wedding of 2021 has to be actors Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal tying the knot in December 2021 at Jaipur away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and fans. Thus, when Katrina Kaif released her wedding pictures on Instagram, everyone couldn’t help but swoon over the Sabyasachi bride in red donned with uncut diamonds, gold and pearls.

To see more pictures from Katrina’s wedding day, click here!

Lily Collins

Mixing Western Americana and British Victorian, Lily Collins was a sight to behold at her wedding. Very reminiscent of Collins’ yellow hooded coat from the 2012 film Mirror Mirror, the white Ralph Lauren wedding dress was stunning and grand enough to make heads turn around.

Paris Hilton

Talking about a fairytale wedding, it would, hands down, be that of Paris Hilton and Carter Reum. Wearing a snow-white Oscar de la Renta gown, Hilton looked nothing less than a princess living her fairytale romance on her wedding day and her caption on Instagram only further proves our statement.

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It was in 2021 when actor Rajkumar Rao married his long time actor-girlfriend Patraleka. Another Sabyasachi bride wrapped in red and precious stones, Patraleka looked absolutely gorgeous. However, what did catch everyone’s eyes apart from the duo tying the knot is the important message on the bride’s veil, which read: “Amar Poran Bhora Bhalobasha Aami Tomay Somaporna Korilam”. The line loosely translates to “I pledge you my soul filled with love”.

Ariana Grande

Another secretive wedding on the list, Ariana Grande brought the essence and elegance of Audrey Hepburn on her wedding day. Graceful in a Vera Wang Haute gown, the Gen-Z wedding pictures of Ariana and her husband, Dalton Gomez has all our hearts.

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Dia Mirza

Actress Dia Mirza had a unique and modern wedding with a female pandit taking over all the wedding rituals and sustainable measures to reduce the amount of waste generated from big-fat Indian weddings. The bride looked beautiful in her red saree embroidered with intricate golden designs and traditional statement jewellery pieces.

Gwen Steffani

Another Vera Wang on our list, singer-songwriter Gwen Steffani picked a two in one dress for her special day with Blake Shelton. The singer bride put on a white silk georgette gown for her walk down the aisle and transformed into a cowgirl bride later with a shorter hemline.

You can check out more pictures of these weddings and more similar celebrity weddings that took place in 2021 now on Instagram. Let us know in the comments below who was your favourite celebrity bride of 2021 and which wedding couple you loved the most!

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