Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet Review: Some Life Lessons, Some Hilarious Realities

Netflix’s latest comedy special, Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet puts one of India’s most popular stand-up comedians on stage. Written by Sharma himself, along with Anukalp Goswami. The special is directed by Saahil Chhabria, with creative director Gursimran Khamba in tow. Recorded for Netflix in front of a live audience, the runtime for the show is 54 minutes.

The synopsis for the show reads, “From the liquid courage behind his tweets to the sobering realities of making it in Mumbai, Kapil’s pouring his heart out– with a heavy glug of humour”.

– Netflix’s Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet review does not contain spoilers –

Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet: From TV to OTT!

Kapil Sharma is a household name in India, gracing the television screens with his hit shows like Comedy Nights with Kapil, Family Time with Kapil and, Sony’s The Kapil Sharma Show. It did not seem plausible that the man dominating every Indian house on the weekends with his jokes and live shows would go any bigger. But, here he is with his latest comedy special that has everything Sharma embodies and more.

There are no opening acts in the show and, it is Kapil Sharma from act one hitting the audience with his humour. The comedian does not hold back and, gets candid with the audience and, the subsequent OTT viewers about the ups and downs in his life, that make up for most of the funny commentary during the show. Sharma highlights his frequent drinking throughout the show and, how it has contributed to most of the mess in his life, which the actor-comedian, of course, takes sportingly.

The comedian also gives us insights on his journey in Mumbai and, his two cents on popularity with pros and cons. Yet the unique and special aspect of Kapil’s shows is the little life lessons the comedian drops and, during this Netflix stand-up special he does not hold back. A recurring theme or person in this show is Sharma’s late father, about who he displays his affections, the fears and, ultimately how much he loves and respects his father. If anything, this special almost sounds like an ode as it has equal elements of sentimentality and hilarity.

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Just like most Netflix specials, this one does not pass on the crowd interaction concept. The live audience seats are, of course, studded with known faces ranging from Kapil’s colleagues from his shows to his fellow comedian friends to his family. As clips have previously been released by Netflix as teasers, we do see Kapil Sharma’s wife, Ginni Chatrath in the audience and throwing a few “scripted” but, good jokes at her husband.

Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet: Final Verdict

Overall, the Netflix special looks like a funny Ted talk, in all honesty. If you are well versed in Sharma’s style of storytelling and commentary, you can say that this might not just be one of his strongest performances. However, if you are new to the entire Kapil Sharma ball game, you can give this a try to understand whether you like the comedian’s style or not.

Comedy shows are always subjective and depend on the people, their mood, where they come from and various other factors. Keeping most of this in mind, Kapil Sharma’s Netflix special tries to respect most things and not come off as offensive. However, his Sony show holds so much more gravity that he just might be one of those comedians who performs better with a set and crew.

You can watch Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet now streaming on Netflix.

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Kapil Sharma I'm Not Done Yet feels like a emotional and funny Ted Talk on Kapil Sharma's life.

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Kapil Sharma I'm Not Done Yet feels like a emotional and funny Ted Talk on Kapil Sharma's life.Kapil Sharma I'm Not Done Yet Review: Some Life Lessons, Some Hilarious Realities