Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter Account Permanently Suspended, Actor Is Angry But Netizens Are Celebrating!

Believe it or not, but Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account is permanently suspended. Last year, when she joined the platform, not everyone was pleased. Her sister Rangoli Chandel handled the account, and many were not fans of the hate tweets she would post. While some expected the Panga actor to do better, she often indulged in hate speech and bashing.

Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter had almost every topic – politics, protests, Bollywood and her views on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. She would often slam several Bollywood stars like Karan Johar, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and kept slamming star kids.

A few months ago, the Manikarnika actor had a Twitter fight with Diljit Dosanjh because she was not pleased with his support of the farmers’ protest. In fact, she kept bashing and hating on anyone who would support anything she doesn’t like. But in the past few days, she did something that will make one question their sanity.

From talking about how humans overuse oxygen and are suffering due to COVID-19 to liking a tweet that claimed Sonu Sood is a fraud and is making money from the crisis, Ranaut crossed limits. Sonu is one of the few actors from Bollywood who is actively working day and night to provide medicines and help to people suffering due to the pandemic.

But it was Kangana Ranaut’s tweet on Bengal violence that made everyone suspicious. She targeted West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and wrote, “This is horrible… we need super gundai to kill gundai… she is like an unleashed monster, to tame her Modi ji please show your Virat roop from early 2000’s …. #PresidentRuleInBengal”.

Kangana Ranaut's Twitter account suspended
Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter suspended

It seems that this tweet has cost the actor to lose her Twitter account permanently. Well, trust netizens to celebrate her suspension with memes and jokes. These memes and jokes are indeed a breather amid the tough times we all are in.

Check out memes and jokes on Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter suspension:

Self-acclaimed critic Kamal R Khan is also happy with the Kangana Ranaut Twitter suspension is permanently suspended. KRK tweeted, “Congratulations to #Bollywood and all the peace-loving people in India and thanks to #Twitter for suspending the account of toxic and mentally disturbed #KanganaRanaut! It was necessary for the peace in the country!”

In an interaction with ANI, Kangana Ranaut has expressed her anger with her Twitter suspension. She said, “Twitter has only proved my point they’re Americans & by birth, a white person feels entitled to enslave a brown person, they want to tell you what to think, speak or do. I have many platforms I can use to raise my voice, including my own art in the form of cinema.”

“But my heart goes out to the people of this nation who have been tortured, enslaved, and censored for thousands of years, and still, there is no end to the suffering,” added the actor.

What do you have to say about the entire matter? Whose side are you on – Twitter or Kangana? Do let us know your thoughts about the Kangana Ranaut Twitter ban in the comments below.

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