HBO’s The Flight Attendant Review: Kaley Cuoco’s Crime Thriller is Fast-Paced and Breezy

If you have been a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you must have seen Kaley Cuoco as Penny. Her character The Flight Attendant is not so much different from that except now she can speak several languages and is in serious trouble. As the name suggests she is the flight attendant around whom the story revolves.

Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) is a lonely party girl who goes out to dinner with a passenger and wakes up in a hotel in Bangkok with his dead body. With her memory of last night blurred, she is not sure if someone else murdered him or she did. So while panicking, she cleans the room and runs away back to New York but things don’t get any easier once the case goes to FBI.

When you check out the trailer, you might feel that it must be a very serious watch with a lot of intensity. But the truth is that it is a lot more peppier than anyone could expect a crime thriller to be. The intro correctly describes the feel of the series.

The Flight Attendant is not as dark as one might assume
HBO's The Flight Attendant Review: Kaley Cuoco’s Crime Thriller is Fast-Paced and Breezy 5

The direction, screenplay, editing and score are all done in accordance with the way they want to present the narrative. Everything is a lot more upbeat than the usual crime thrillers. However, all the relationships are confusing for the characters themselves and hence for the audience too. The show moves at a very fast pace making you alert at all times.

All the characters in The Flight Attendant feel a little comic-like. They all have features that come out of the screen and feel very different from one another, with very different personalities. The good thing is that it is a different take on a crime thriller which does not make it monotonous even for a second. It gives you a little retro feels setup in the new world. Even New York feels a little out of character.

New Crime Thriller by HBO gives a big role to KALEY CUOCO
HBO's The Flight Attendant Review: Kaley Cuoco’s Crime Thriller is Fast-Paced and Breezy 6

Although at first, the show might seem to lack depth, soon we realize that there is a lot more to the story than meets the eye. At first, Cassie’s drinking seems amusing but soon we get to see that it is not some fun drinking but actually very compulsive. There is a lot of emotional baggage she carries around that starts catching up with her after this traumatic event that takes place.

Side characters have a good role in The Flight Attendant as Kaley Cuoco
HBO's The Flight Attendant Review: Kaley Cuoco’s Crime Thriller is Fast-Paced and Breezy 7

The Flight Attendant is a big role for Kaley Cuoco as it revolves entirely around her. However, this isn’t to say that the other characters don’t get much attention. But this is definitely a good look for Cuoco’s career. The other actors look promising in their roles and we can see how a lot has to be uncovered as the series go on.

Right now, HBO has only launched a few episodes and will roll out more in the upcoming weeks. While we are surrounded by dark series around us, I’m looking forward to watching The Flight Attendant because even without getting too dark it is definitely providing some brilliantly interesting content. Although the series has not dropped a major mystery bomb yet, it has still managed to keep me hooked enough that I’m waiting to watch it further.

The fast paced not too dark approach makes The flight attendant interesting
HBO's The Flight Attendant Review: Kaley Cuoco’s Crime Thriller is Fast-Paced and Breezy 8

I won’t say The Flight Attendant is the kind of series that will get a lot of hype or will remain with you for years to come. It is, however, interesting and offers something more than what we have already seen. The upcoming episodes will only tell which direction the series takes from here on out.

The Flight Attendant is streaming on HBO Max.

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The Flight Attendant is a fun and not-too-dark series that makes it an interesting watch in a world of slow dark shows.

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