Jump Scares in Horror Movies: Lights Out, Scream, Paranormal Activity and More!

Whether you love it or hate it, jump scares in horror movies have become quite the norm. While some hate it, rather liking the more psychological aspects of horror more, others thoroughly enjoy the jump scares that horror movies bring forth. Personally, I think a well-made jump scare that makes sense in the context of the film is great. Overdoing it, though, takes away from the dread and terror you are supposed to feel when you’re watching a horror movie.

That being said, if you’re wondering which horror movies with jump scares to watch (or avoid) next, then this is the list for you!

The Conjuring

A cult classic that gave birth to a horror universe of itself, The Conjuring cannot really be called a psychological horror movie. However, it still does a great job at weaving the jump scares at the right places – who can forget the infamous clap scene? That one got me good the first time. Other than that, James Wan’s 2013 film has some other great jump scares that don’t feel overdone and thus do the job well. Plus, the subsequent sequels, too, are a treasure trove of jump scares!

Watch it here.

Dead Silence

Okay, this isn’t one of the best cookies out there, but if you’re looking for jump scares in horror movies, Dead Silence has those, and quite a few of them. Another James Wan film, this one doesn’t have the best story but will definitely make you jump out of your chair with the dramatic sounds and things lunging at the screen.

Watch it here.


The entire Insidious franchise is one big jump scare but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy them, especially the first film. It is also baffling just how much James Wan loves his jump scare movies. Also, watching Patrick Wilson, in my book, is always a win.

Watch it here.

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Lights Out

Lights Out’s jump scares don’t, for one moment, feel like they are cheap or excessive. I loved this simple horror movie with jump scares. From the moment the film starts, you see Diana jumping from one dark corner to the next and then see people being swooped off, only to return turned into a pulp. David F. Sandberg’s feature film, based on his short film of the same name, is great and has some great scares. Additionally, Teresa Palmer is great to watch.

Watch it here.


Not a traditional horror film, but this slasher with all of its sequels, is always a great watch. You never know just from where Ghostface might come out with a knife. If you’re looking for jump scares in horror movies but don’t want to watch something supernatural, then this thriller and its sequels are a fun watch and are rife with jump scares.

Watch it here.

You’re Next

Imagine this: you’re at a family reunion, you’re with a bunch of people whom you hate and it’s bad and awkward enough. And then, all of a sudden, you watch as one of the people in the group get an arrow through their head. Yeah, the night just turned wild. You’re Next is a thriller that I love watching over and over again. Not just because Erin is the final girl we want and need more in horror movies, but also because the jump scares are just so good. This one’s my favourite horror movie with jump scares.

Watch it here.

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The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe’s 2012 horror flick was a surprise hit. Radcliffe is great in The Woman in Black and the storyline isn’t something that you see in your everyday horror movie. Additionally, the jump scares in this horror flick are great to watch and don’t drag the movie down a fresh hell-hole. All in all, James Watkins’s feature film is a win, especially the first half.

Watch it here.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This 2016 horror-mystery film has some great jump scares and an equally good mystery to uncover. The Autopsy of Jane Doe, directed by André Øvredal, keeps you at the edge of the seat and then delivers a rush of adrenaline to keep you reeling till the next hit. There are also plenty of good thrilling moments that make the film highly watchable. If you’re looking for jump scares in horror movies, this one is it.

Watch it here.

Paranormal Activity

This movie franchise has gone from good to bad to really bad, but one thing that the films have are their jump scares. Having equal moments of mundane and adrenaline rush, if you’re looking for jump scares in horror movies, this franchise might just give you a good hit. Paranormal Activity started off strong and tried to build on the frenzy it had created with its first film. Does it, however, succeed in delivering the best horror movie jump scares? You’re the one to decide!

Watch it here.

So, did you find what you’re looking for in this jump scares in horror movies list? Leave us a comment if we missed out on your favourite movies!

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