Netflix’s John Was Trying To Contact Aliens Review: A Different Sorta Documentary

New on Netflix is a small documentary called John Was Trying To Contact Aliens. It is not exactly a documentary on contacting aliens, it’s about a man who is trying to contact aliens. If you are hoping that this documentary will give you information about UFO spottings or aliens and ETs then this is not what you will find here.

John Was Trying To Contact Aliens has been written and directed by Matthew Killip. John Shepherd lives in Northern Michigan and has been always fascinated by the unknown and what lies beyond this planet, mainly the extraterrestrial beings. This might be a small documentary but it talks about such profound and beautiful things. 

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The documentary shows the journey of the man and his passion to find out what lies in the unknown. His journey of starting to build machines to contact aliens and how he has been a different boy while growing up with different and an outlandish passion forms the crux of the story.

John Shepherd’s passion grew so big (quite literally) that from dedicating one room to the machines, he had to branch out to his living room. It is beautiful to watch how supportive John’s grandmother was as she pooled in more money to help him continue his passion project. However, for John, trying to contact aliens has been more than just a passion project.

John’s life has been all about contacting aliens!

In John Was Trying To Contact Aliens, a lot of focus, rather most of the focus, has been put on John’s personal life, how he started to develop an interest in this field and how he decided to pursue trying to contact aliens.

10 minutes into the documentary you pretty much understand that there’s not much that this documentary has to offer on the whole extraterrestrial front but you still keep going because a lot of elements have made John Was Trying To Contact Aliens a pretty watchable show.

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What you will probably learn and is one of the biggest takeaways from this show is that John continued this project despite significant discoveries or revelations. He never got demotivated or dissuaded because there was not anything substantial that he found out of the project. 

John Was Trying To Contact Aliens makes a wonderful shift in the narrative… 

John Was Trying To Contact Aliens made a swift and sweet change in the narrative. I love how beautifully the documentary fit in John’s relationship with his partner or, for that matter, how this documentary had incorporated elements of music. John, for decades, just literally acted like a radio jockey to aliens, by playing music and sending it to outer space for aliens to respond to it.

john was trying to contact aliens

He relentlessly never gave up doing that and kept going for years. The background music that was played in the documentary has most of my attention by the way. I think the biggest takeaway from this small documentary has to be following your passion and the consistency towards something one believes in. 

Overall verdict of John Was Trying To Contact Aliens has to be that please watch this documentary. There’s not much you will learn or be informed about but there’s a feel-good aspect to it.

John Was Trying To Contact Aliens is streaming on Netflix.

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'John Was Trying To Contact Aliens' is documentary which isn't exactly about aliens but about the life of a person trying to do so. Interesting and different!

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