It Happened In Hong Kong Review: 2 Strangers Who Make You Smile

Starring Aahana Kumra and Amol Parashar It Happened In Hong Kong released on Voot Select today. Directed by Lakshya Raj Anand, Parashar has penned the dialogues for the mini-series. There are four episodes of 15 minutes each. RSC Tunes (Annie’thing) has composed the title track Aao Mere Sang Challo, and Karan Malhotra has given the background music.

The IMDb synopsis of the mini-series reads – “It Happened In Hong Kong is a mini-series that explores the small big moments that happen when you travel and open up to new experiences, including meeting strangers. Over a Solo trip Amol and Aahana end up meeting accidentally and hit it off from the minute go, but their beautiful journey with newfound lingering feelings comes to an abrupt pause as their personal life knocks on their rediscovered selves. Does every story have an ending? Will they get closure over theirs? or their story is an eternal one that starts new beginnings – Watch Aahana and Amol as they let their story happen in Hong Kong.”

It Happened In Hong Kong Review: Series Still
It Happened In Hong Kong Review: Still from the series

Aahana Kumra and Amol Parashar play Aahana and Amol, who meet in Hong Kong while catching the same taxi. They engage in small talk and eventually serious discussions, all this while exploring places together. We have seen many movies and shows where two strangers meet, have meaningful conversations, hide secrets and fall in love. It Happened In Hong Kong offers nothing new, but you’re still curious. The purpose of the series is to make you feel good with easy-breezy content, and it succeeds in doing so.

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Every episode opens with a new meaningful quote such as – The soul always knows what to do itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. In the series, Amol has some heavy dialogues about life and more. Some are good, and some are too preachy. The title track Aao Mere Sang Challo, is catchy and uplifting.

It Happened In Hong Kong Review: Amol Parashar-Aahana Kumra
It Happened In Hong Kong Review: Amol Parashar & Aahana Kumra

In the last two episodes, Aahana Kumra will remind you of Anushka Sharma from Jab Harry Met Sejal. Maybe it’s the red dress or maybe the way she speaks, but the resemblance is there. Amol Parashar is calm and composed in the series as opposed to how we see him in TVF Tripling. The story is about the two characters from the start till the end. But I sometimes wish, when we are shown the beauty of Hong Kong, these two were not there in every frame.

It Happened In Hong Kong Review: Is it worth watching?

Overall, the Voot Select series is made to make you smile. Even if the characters try to go deep in their conversations, as a viewer, it’s not that deep for us as we’ve seen it before. If you’re craving some easy-breezy, you should give it a watch.

It Happened In Hong Kong is currently streaming on Voot Select.

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Starring Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra, the easy-breezy tone of It Happened in Hong Kong will make you smile.

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