Insider Episode 6 Recap: Yo-han Is The New Dean Of Seongju Prison

Insider is a 2022 Korean Action Thriller which revolves around a Judicial apprentice, Kim Yo-han who goes undercover to work on a mission. The drama is written by Moon Man-se and directed by Min Yeon-hong. It stars Kang Ha-neul, Lee Yoo-young, Ho Sung-tae, Kang Young-seok and Kim Sang-ho in leading roles. The series will have 16 episodes in total. Insider Episode 6 has a runtime of 60 minutes.

– Insider Episode 6 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Insider Episode 6, Jang Sun-oh makes a deal with Yang Joon for a two-on-two gambling game. If Jang Sun-oh loses, he will have to give up on the gambling den of the prison and if Yang loses, he will not look at the den again. Yang is an experienced player, much senior to Sun-oh and hence, he needs a partner whose techniques Yang cannot guess. He starts teaching Yo-han the tricks like stacking, shuffling and more to scam the opponent.

Insider Episode 6
Still from Insider Episode 6

Jang Sun-oh learnt gambling from Yang when he was younger. However, they broke apart when Sun-ho rebelled against him. Just when he was a teenager, Sun-oh challenged Yang for a game and better one year of gambling in Seoul. In the end, Sun-oh lost and couldn’t gamble in Seoul for a year. Yo-han has learnt the tricks and is sitting for his first game with Yang. The game has become intense and when it is Yo-han’s time to become a dealer, he gets caught by Yang. However, Sun-oh catches Yang’s partner Jin first and the game stops. No on wins but Sun-oh threatens Yang to spread the rumours of cheating.

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Yo-han tells Sun-oh that he wants to take revenge on the people who got him into jail and destroyed his life. Sun-oh also wants revenge once he gets out of jail and he asks Yo-han for help. Sun-oh is going to help Yo-han in jail and in exchange, he has to help Sun-oh once he gets out of jail. Nam Dae-mun doesn’t like it that Yo-han and Sun-oh are getting closer and he tries to go against Sun-oh only to get beaten. Sun-oh makes it clear to all the first leaguers that he is till their boss.

Insider Episode 6
Still from Insider Episode 6

Oh Soo-yeon has been investigating the little boy who had witnessed the death of Yo-han’s grandmother and finds out that Inspector Kwon was close to the boy. Also, the boy’s father had left him alone and he had flown to the USA for his studies. However, he has returned to Korea now but nobody knows his whereabouts. On the other hand, Mok has found out that Soo-yeon is a businesswoman who has been conning many big personalities by disguising as a hostess bar madame.

Insider Episode 6 Ending

Jang Sun-oh has finished his sentence in the prison and has been released. It is now time for a new dean to rise and Yo-han is determined to take over the Seongju prison. Nam Dae-mun is in strong opposition to Yo-han and bribes all the first leaguers, warden and security officers. However, Yo-han has found out that the only thing Nam Dae-mun surrenders to- is money. Yo-han offers to give his entire share from the gambling den to him and other first leaguers. As expected, Dae-mun gives in and Yo-han is now the successor of Sun-oh.

Insider OST: Howling By Lim Yoon Sung

Insider Episode 6 Review

The highlight of Insider Episode 6 would be Yo-han learning the card tricks and then the intense gambling play between Yang, Sun-oh and Yo-han. Kang Ha-neul has been consistent in his acting of changing sides of Yo-han. Every episode brings out new gameplay and a new twist in the story and it has become successful to keep the audience engaged.

Insider Episode 6 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Insider Episode 6, Sun-oh prepares Yo-han to be his successor in Seongju prison.

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Insider Episode 6 Recap: Yo-han Is The New Dean Of Seongju PrisonIn Insider Episode 6, Sun-oh prepares Yo-han to be his successor in Seongju prison.