Insider Episode 5 Recap: Kang Ha-neul’s VIP Visits Gets Him Into Trouble

Insider is a 2022 Korean Action Thriller which revolves around a Judicial apprentice, Kim Yo-han who goes undercover to work on a mission. The drama is written by Moon Man-se and directed by Min Yeon-hong. It stars Kang Ha-neul, Lee Yoo-young, Ho Sung-tae, Kang Young-seok and Kim Sang-ho in leading roles. The series will have 16 episodes in total. Insider Episode 5 has a runtime of 60 minutes.

– Insider Episode 5 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Insider Episode 5, Yo-han confronts Mok Jin-hyung about the video he has seen. Mok Jin-hyung carried Yo-han’s grandmother’s dead body and threw it in a field. Mok explained that he had received a GPS location where he found the dead body and he was ordered to carry it to another location. Someone has recorded the video purposely to make Yo-han and Mok fight. Yo-han doesn’t believe Mok but he has to pretend until he finds the real culprit.

Insider Episode 5
Still from Insider Episode 5

Yo-han’s training at the first league is still going on and gets beat up by the gamblers gang again. Sun-oh tells him to fight back but Yo-han still needs to work on it. Nam Dae-mun is always at Yo-han’s back and hence, he asks Sun-oh why he acts that way. Sun-oh tells Yo-han that Nam Dae-mun sometimes acts like he is the dean of the jail. If it wasn’t for gambling, he would have already taken over. Reluctantly, Sun-oh asks Yo-han for a favour. Sun-oh believes that Nam Dae-mun has bribed the others from the first league to be by his side and he wants Yo-han to find the record of that.

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Yo-han has been taking the class on scamming from Nam Dae-mun but Dae-mun is less than interested to teach him. He keeps up picking on Yo-han and he finally asks him why he hates him so much. Nam Dae-mun tells that it is because of the secrets and the lies that he keeps from him. He doesn’t understand why Yo-han is still in prison if he was wrongfully charged. As a judicial student, he can easily get himself out. Their conversation is interrupted by a guard who takes Dae-mun with him.

Yo-han gets a chance to find the ledger but fails to find it. He tries to find it again in the staff room but Dae-mun catches him and shreds the ledger himself.

Insider Episode 5
Still from Insider Episode 5

Oh Soo-yeon has been investigating the dead inspector Kwon, who was responsible for Yo-han’s grandmother’s case. She finds out from his wife that he had multiple cellphones and told his wife to sell them after he dies. Soo-yeon tracks down the cellphones with the help of a police inspector but the culprit manages to run away. They find out the boy who has a connection with Kwon and the grandmother’s death but the little boy is scared and runs away from them. He is the key to finding Yo-han’s grandmother’s murderer.

Insider Episode 5 Ending

Chairman Yang visits the jail to meet Lee Tae-kwang but the warden doesn’t let him do so. Yang has a past connection with Jang Sun-oh and they have a verbal argument briefly. While leaving, Yang notices something wrong with Yo-han and searches for him to find a blade on him. He doesn’t find one and asks Sun-oh if he is one of his men. Yo-han had a blade on him and Nam Dae-mun raises a question on the blade and a recorder found on his body. Sun-oh cannot defend Yo-han and makes him bear the punishment of the pendulum. Yo-han and Sun-oh are teaming up against Nam Dae-mun and he does not know it yet.

Insider Episode 5
Still from Insider Episode 5

Insider Episode 5 Review

Insider Episode 5 is thrilling and has enough suspense to keep you guessing. Kang Ha-neul’s acting is appreciable and he has been carrying the role of Yo-han gracefully. A confused boy figuring things out slowly who is also scared and flustered with this kind of life, Kang Ha-neul’s character has depth and has a potential to grow.

Insider Episode 5 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Insider Episode 5, Yo-han deals with Nam Dae-mun who hates him gravely.

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Insider Episode 5 Recap: Kang Ha-neul's VIP Visits Gets Him Into TroubleIn Insider Episode 5, Yo-han deals with Nam Dae-mun who hates him gravely.