Insider Episode 3 Recap: Kim Yo-han And Jang Sun-oh’s First Encounter

Insider is a 2022 Korean Action Thriller which revolves around a Judicial apprentice, Kim Yo-han who goes undercover to work on a mission. The drama is written by Moon Man-se and directed by Min Yeon-hong. It stars Kang Ha-neul, Lee Yoo-young, Ho Sung-tae, Kang Young-seok and Kim Sang-ho in leading roles. The series will have 16 episodes in total. Insider Episode 3 has a runtime of 61 minutes.

– Insider Episode 3 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Insider Episode 3, Kim Yo-han has been inside the solitary confinement for twenty days and has been learning the tricks of western gambling from the next cellmate who voluntarily helped Yo-han. With no family and only revenge in mind, Yo-han has to do anything he can to gain power. He asks for another chance from the gang leader and he also promises him that he will return all the lost money and make even more than that. He is ready to execute whatever plan he has about Jang Sun-oh.

Insider Episode 3
Still from Insider Episode 3

Yo-han gets another chance and this time, he has become better in the game. He has been winning a lot and has become a topic of discussion. However. he hasn’t been able to advance to the second league despite the buzz around his name. The gang leader is impatient and finds out another means to get closer to Jang Sun-oh. He orders his subordinate to hurt Yo-han in a way it looks real. The gang member breaks Yo-han’s ankle and sends him to the infirmary. It is the place where one can find Sun-ho most of the time.

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After getting plaster on his ankle, Yo-han sneaks into a neuropsychiatry ward and finds Sun-oh’s room. Sun-oh is not inside and the door is open. Yo-han goes inside to take a look but gets caught by Sun-oh’s men. They take to him to Sun-oh and Yo-han asks him to let him play in the first league. Sun-oh breaks his plaster first to see if his injury is real. After confirming, he challenges Yo-han to play a game with him and whoever loses will get a high voltage electric shock.

Insider Episode 3 Recap: Kim Yo-han And Jang Sun-oh's First Encounter
Still from Insider Episode 3

The game starts and each of them has to guess the card that they have picked before looking at it. Sun-oh asks him his real intention and despite his poker face, Sun-oh catches Yo-han’s lie by his shivering hands. They get into a fight and both end up getting shocked. After the accident, Oh Soo-yeon visits Yo-han in the jail and offers to help him. She asks him to call her anytime he needs her. Yo-han doesn’t tell the gang leader what has happened so far and lies that everything is going well.

Insider Episode 3 Ending

The gang leader has been pestering Yo-han to advance into the second league and Yo-han asks Soo-yeon for help. With her help, Yo-han finds the man who taught him gambling tricks when he was in confinement. The man helps him advance into the second league and now, Yo-han sits with experienced gamblers who have their own groups and scam people who are playing individually. Yo-han has been losing one game and Sun-oh joins them all of a sudden.

Insider Episode 3
Still from Insider Episode 3

Yo-han sees Sun-oh giving him a sign and remembers the signs that the man had taught him. He wonders if Sun-oh was the one who was actually telling him tricks because the man also works with Sun-oh. Sun-oh’s sign turns out to be right and the game goes into the tiebreak. It is a do-or-die situation and whoever loses gets beaten by Jang Sun-oh. Yo-han has put his life on the line again.

Insider Episode 3 Review

Insider Episode 3 is intriguing and engaging. If they keep on showing the card trick, one might as well learn them by the time the series ends. The acting by Kim Ha-eul and Kang Young-seok show phenomenal acting. If these two join hands in the series, the show is about to get more interesting and thrilling. The plot has been going good so far.

Insider Episode 3 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Insider Episode 3, Yo-han meets Jang Sun-oh for the first time.

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Insider Episode 3 Recap: Kim Yo-han And Jang Sun-oh's First EncounterIn Insider Episode 3, Yo-han meets Jang Sun-oh for the first time.