How I Met Your Father Episode 7 Review: Career Highs and Lows

How I Met Your Father Episode 7 is written by Karen Joshep Adcock, Ama Quao and Ria Sardana. The creator of the sitcom is Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger and, it serves as a standalone sequel to everyone’s favourite show from the early 2000s- How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). The new gang of the show living in New York City includes Hilary Duff, Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, Ava Kolker, Tessa Auberjonois, Gloria Gifford and Kim Cattrall. The seventh episode of the show has already premiered, with a runtime of 25 minutes.

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How I Met Your Father Episode 7: “Rivka Rebel”

How I Met Your Father Episode 7 highlights where our New York crew stand in their life with respect to their characters. We have been made aware in the last few episodes of what are characters do for a living. However, if they are happy with their job or not, it is confronted in this episode serving as a peak 30s- moment for fans to relate to.

Sophie has been introduced as a photographer from the very beginning of the show. In fact, she even meets Drew through this venture. But, as we all know, following one’s dream in the city of New York is not easier and, it is way worse when it comes to finding a job that syncs in right with what you want to do. Sophie thinks her struggling days are coming to an end when she gets a meeting with the acclaimed gallerist. But, the interview is not what she thinks it is.

With expectations of getting a gallery show for her artistic work, Sohpie is tasked with being the official photographer at the art curator’s daughter’s bar mitzvah- an insufferable tween influencer. But, with Valentina’s assistance, some drugs are spilled at the party. Will Sophie be successful in her venture?

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On the other hand, Ellen and Charlie have a fallout due to the latter rubbing his new job as a bartender on the former’s face. We know Ellen is the owner of a produce farm and, before making her next big career move, she is keeping her job profile low. On the other hand, Charlie is thrilled at his new job at Sid’s bar and, with increasing good Yelp reviews, he gains more confidence. But, when a bad review pops up Charlie is set to uncover who is behind it with the help of Ellen. But the shocking truth of the events hurt him.

Sid and Jesse are on their pounding day in this episode but, TikTok crazes and some pigeons ruin their day. A turn of events lands them locked in the fire escape, with crazy makeup and, some heart-to-heart conversations.

How I Met Your Father Episode 7: Final Thoughts

The show seems to have deviated greatly at this point. It is about a bunch of friends living their life in New York City and, a lot less about who the father is actually. Fans have started to speculate it is Jesse and, it would be a bold move to show that in this version of Ted-Robin rapport, they end up together from the start with a Tracy involved. How I Met Your Father Episode 7‘s focus on career really does nothing exciting or anticipatory for the fans.

You can watch How I Met Your Father Episode 7 now streaming on Hulu. Each episode will get a weekly release. You can catch it on Hulu on Tuesdays and, on the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar on Wednesdays. You can read our previous reviews of the show, here.

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How I Met Your Father Episode 7 gives us an irrelevant account of where our characters are with their careers in life.

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How I Met Your Father Episode 7 gives us an irrelevant account of where our characters are with their careers in life.How I Met Your Father Episode 7 Review: Career Highs and Lows