How I Met Your Father Episode 4 Review: Sophie’s 30th Birthday Party!

How I Met Your Father Episode 4 is directed by Pamela Fryman and written by Amelie Gillette. The creator of the sitcom is Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger and, it serves as a standalone sequel to everyone’s favourite show from the early 2000s- How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). The new gang of the show living in New York City includes Hilary Duff, Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, Josh Peck and Kim Cattrall. The fourth episode of the show has already premiered, with a runtime of 25 minutes.

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How I Met Your Father Episode 4: “Dirrty Thirty”

As the name of the episode goes, How I Met Your Father Episode 4 is all about turning that weird age when you aren’t too old but, not young either- 30! Our every own Sophie (played by Hilary Duff) is turning 30 in this episode and, it is an emotional, fun rollercoaster ride. Drew, from the last episode, is still in the scene as he and Sophie go out for dinner and, later is asked by Sophie to drop in for her birthday party.

But, the party that we know is a themed one- ‘Dirrty Thirty’, inspired by Christina Aguilera’s iconic song by the same name. But, with Drew’s surprise entry in the guest list, the party does not look like it is going to be dirty any more. In this episode, we see Sophie go out of her limb to impress Drew- be it by changing her costume party into a cocktail one to getting together a ‘book nook’. However, by the end of the episode, it is Drew who surprises the audience and Sophie with his adorable words and ways.

Ellen’s character gets a closer inspection in this one as we see Jesse and, his sister go through a rough patch and unearth some stories of the past to set the present things straight. Sid, on the other hand, continues to humour us with some “trademark” and some outdated jokes about a ring, but it is still funny when the ring probes virginity remarks.

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How I Met Your Father Episode 4 starts with a liberal take on Valentina and Charlie’s relationship. But, in the course of the episode, it comes off as rather toxic as the couple puts each other through a meaningless game of exhilarating “desire”. Looks like these two characters really need to get their priorities straight without hurting half of the party.

How I Met Your Father Episode 4: Final Thoughts

Overall, How I Met Your Father Episode 4 is by far the coolest episode in the show till now. It gives equal attention to each character and, their interpersonal relationship rather than trying to dig Sophie and Jesse together. It is a breath of relief to get past the Ted-Robin stage they have been in because, we know how the original show ended and, how the ending wasn’t everyone’s favourite. Let us hope that the future episodes will continue to sing their own tune and, not mimic plotlines from How I Met Your Mother and rather, stand out on their own.

You can watch How I Met Your Father Episode 4 now on Hulu. Each episode will get a weekly release. You can catch it on Hulu on Tuesdays and, on the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar on Wednesdays. You can read our previous reviews of the show, here.

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How I Met Your Father Episode 4 has some 'dirrty' party and, emotional resolution going on.

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How I Met Your Father Episode 4 has some 'dirrty' party and, emotional resolution going on.How I Met Your Father Episode 4 Review: Sophie's 30th Birthday Party!