Hotstar’s Out Of Love S2 Review: Messy And Toxic Ex-Partners And A Riveting Story

Out of Love S2 premiered on Disney+ Hotstar on 30th April 2021. The Indian series based on Doctor Foster by Mike Bartlett and is adapted by Hotstar for its label Hotstar Specials. The series is directed by Oni Sen the series stars Rasika Dugal and Purab Kohli in lead roles.

Out of Hatred

It is rightly said “A normal relationship has its ups and downs. A toxic relationship, however, puts you in a black hole of self-doubts and guilt.Out of Love S2 takes into account the toxic relationship of Akarsh and Meera that continues to strangle both of them in different intensities even after 3 years of divorce.

Out of Love S2 opens with Dr Meera Kapoor now leading a normal life with her home, hospital job, and son but as soon as she starts prospering Akarsh decides to come back to Coonoor with his now-wife Alia and throw a big party. It goes without saying that he invites everybody in the small town to his party including his very own son (who lives with his mother after divorce) Abhishek. Obviously, Meera is not ok with his abuser back in town and needless to say, everyone who attends the party is an enabler of abuse that Akarsh put Meera through irrespective of their social obligations.

As the story progresses a vicious game of payback is initiated by Akarsh and the first step he takes in his journey of revenge is to strip Abhishek away from Meera which in turn develops into anxiety and violent tendencies for the child. You might wonder what is the reason for a boy who so dearly loved his mother to leave her for a man who abused her, might be? Well, it is her mothers meeting with Rohan (played charmingly by Vishwas Kini), who is Meera’s patient but it is later revealed that he is Rohan’s music teacher too about which Meera had no idea, oops!

Meera is distressed and tethered due to Abishek’s decision. But upon seeing his condition, she is determined to save her small family from her ex-husband Akarsh’s misgivings no matter what it takes. But things start getting ugly when Akarsh starts sending her flowers with a note that reads “BITCH!” or when he calls property agents to evaluate Meera’s property again and again claiming she is leaving in a month. The lengths to which his wickedness extends in this small town is malicious as he even convinces Meera’s hospital to find a replacement for her.

Out of Love S2

The only breath of fresh air in Meera’s life till now in Out of Love S2 is Rohan who seems to actually care about her well-being but there are a lot of factors here that might lead to the downfall of this budding relationship. Notably, Abhishek’s response and Akarsh’s wickedness.

Out of Love S2 has the perfect blend of emotions and thriller. There is a Prateek Kuhad song too and who doesn’t love Kuhad for his heartwarming lyrics. Additionally, the lead pair starring Rasika Dugal as Meera and Purab Kohli as Akarsh make sure that you stay hooked to your screen’s for the entire duration. There is something amazing about Dugal’s screen presence that it’ll always leave viewers engaged, there is a frequent switch of emotions from happy to anxious to scared and more but it is never mundane. With Dugal on-screen one thing is guaranteed amazeballs screen-presence and a drama worth watching.

Purab Kohli on the other hand is back in Out of Love S2 with his sharp and cunning personality which compliments both the actor’s presence in the series. If Kohli’s character would not have had such a strong character arc and screen presence the story would have been like a daily soap that grows predictable over time. As a matter of fact, here he doesn’t even flinch when he does evil and we need that!

With the tone, rhythm, and pace of the series set in season 1, Out of Love S2 takes no time to pick up from where it left. There is no elongated drama about both the individual’s life after divorce etc. It straight up gets to the point leaving no time for viewers to predict anything. But one question I have is- How does Meera enter Akarsh’s home so easily and look around? It’s weird. As of now, Out of Love S2 has released 2 episodes and it’s worth your time. New episodes are scheduled to release every Friday at 12:00 AM and needless to say we are waiting!

Stream It or Skip It

Out of Love S2

STREAM IT! Out of Love S2 is engaging and has every element you need in a series. The series has transitioned from love to infidelity to revenge and the transition is worth watching. The supporting cast here also does justice to their roles and add to the value of the series rather than pulling it down at any moment. KUDOS!

Out of Love S2 is streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Out of Love S2 picks up from where it left in season 1. With Akarsh hell-bent on destroying Meera will she be able to save herself and her son from this hell fire?


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Out of Love S2 picks up from where it left in season 1. With Akarsh hell-bent on destroying Meera will she be able to save herself and her son from this hell fire? Hotstar's Out Of Love S2 Review: Messy And Toxic Ex-Partners And A Riveting Story