Hotstar’s Out Of Love S2 Episode 3 Review: Abhi’s Agony and Complicated Parenthood

(Out Of Love S2 Episode 3 Minor Spoilers Ahead)

Out of Love S2 premiered on Disney+ Hotstar on 30th April 2021. The Indian series is based on Doctor Foster by Mike Bartlett and is adapted by Hotstar for its label Hotstar Specials. The series is directed by Oni Sen stars Rasika Dugal and Purab Kohli in lead roles.

Wicked Games Indeed

After the series started with a bang, Out Of Love S2 Episode 3 was predictable for the most part. Episode 3 takes into account Abhi’s fight in school and its aftermath and Meera’s goodbye from Coonoor. As Meera and Akarsh try to handle Abhi’s crisis together, they find themselves being involved physically soon after which is weird considering the hatred they carry towards each other.

Meera is played by Rasika Duggal, who is equally convincing as a mother seeking to comprehend her son’s behaviour and as a desolate wife who misses her husband and finds his presence unsettling. Meera manages to bear the series on her shoulders all by herself once more. This episode is primarily about Abhi’s disclosures about his shifting attitudes toward everything. But one problem that I had with the character was that Meera herself being an abuse survivor tried in every shape and form to justify Abhi’s toxicity and misdeeds.

Out Of Love S2 Episode 3
Hotstar’s Out Of Love S2 Episode 3 Review: Abhi's Agony and Complicated Parenthood 2

On the other hand, throughout the episode Kohli’s Akarsh has a wicked grin as if he is ready to mess up everything and screw Meera all over again and considering the fact that he was successful it’s just… horrible. The star of the episode besides Meera has to be Abhi played by Kabir Kachroo as Out Of Love S2 Episode 3 finds its emotional anchor in him for the story to sail forward. But there is a lot that is still to unravel in Abhi’s character as he is seemingly the only connection Meera has to Akarsh and Coonoor.

Summing up, there isn’t much to talk about in Out Of Love S2 Episode 3 as the episode walks on more or less predictable lines making it possible for the viewers to foresee what’s gonna happen next. But the episode is no stranger to a few twists and mysteries here and there which will again manage to keep you engaged on and off. The series is merely 2 episodes away from its finale and all we can hope is for the graph to go high and for the thrill to remain!

Stream It or Skip It

STREAM IT! We can allow the series one low episode after all. Out Of Love S2 Episode 3 did not exactly cater to my expectation but I am curious as to where will Meera and Akarsh’s entry will end. And if you have been following this series since Season 1, continue watching. I am sure there’s more to be found here.

Also, I am not very sure what powerplay Meera is trying to establish here but it just gets exhausting.

Out of Love S2 Episode 3 is streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Out Of Love S2 Episode 3 takes a dip from where it began but with Meera leaving Coonoor will things take a turn?

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