Hollywood Celebs Strip Naked for PSA On ‘Naked Ballots’

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In an attempt to bring attention to the naked ballots, many Hollywood celebrities stripped down in a YouTube video. This celebrity list includes Mark Ruffalo, Amy Schumer, Naomi Campbell, Chris Rock, Chelsea Handler and more. The purpose of this wild step is to encourage voters to follow vote by mail instructions properly.

See this wild PSA by RepresentUs about ‘Naked Ballots’

The main thought behind this is to make people aware of the fact that ballots not inserted properly in states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey are considered ‘naked’ and are hence rejected in the counting process. The PSA explains that this ‘naked ballot rule’ can result in the rejection of thousands of mail-in votes. This eventually can lead to a serious impact on the coming elections in the month of November.

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There were a lot of notable moments in this PSA. One of them was when Sarah Silverman lifted her arm to give a salute, uncovering her chest area and proclaimed “America needs you.”  The celebrities also went through specific state guidelines, including how Pennsylvania requires not one, but two envelopes to put your ballot in. Also, while providing the information, John Gad jokingly said, ”I know this is the least sexy thing a completely naked person could say.

This star-studded PSA followed a similar one done by female lawmakers in Pennsylvania last month in which they jokingly posted photos with mail-in ballots covering their chests. They also used hashtags like #Nonakedballot and #Dressyourballot.

Pennsylvania lawmakers pose with naked ballots.
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Another reason to take such an uncanny step to spread awareness about naked ballots was the hot debates that were taking place, especially by Donald Trump, who continues to falsely claim that mail-in voting will allow widespread voter fraud. With the fear of contracting coronavirus making many Americans wary of voting in-person, the November election is expected to break records for the number of mail-in ballots. However, Trump has continued to attack the long-used practice in what critics say is an attempt to infringe on Americans’ rights to vote as he falls behind his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, in the polls.

Voters need to decide between Trump and Biden through mail in ballot

This PSA was put together by an organization called ‘RepresentUs’ which was clearly smart enough to gain maximum attention by playing on the word ‘naked’ in ‘naked ballot.’ This campaign has the potential to actually encourage a lot of people to get up and vote and it is seen that 4 million voters have already voted which suggests a record turnout. Michael McDonald of the University of Florida told Reuters that he predicts a record turnout of about 150 million, which represents 65% of eligible voters and would be the highest rate since 1908. 

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Now it’s time to see if this campaign can make a name in history or just remains a waste of time, energy and creativity. Its success or failure is in the hands of American voters now!

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