Hiccups and Hookups (2021) Review: A Few Moments

Hiccups and Hookups is a comedy-drama series directed by Kunal Kohli and starring Lara Dutta, Prateik, and Shinnova, alongside other cast members.

– Hiccups and Hookups review does not contain spoilers –

Hiccups and Hookups is about a family consisting of a brother and sister and her teenage daughter. The sister, Vasu, recently separated from her husband and is trying to explore herself. There’s also her brother Akhil, who is commitment-phobic, and daughter Kavanya, who is just experiencing the joys of adulthood. The plot isn’t the most shocking or new and neither does the series try to do anything ground-breaking. It’s stays nestled in the easy-watch shows category with a few laughs here and there.

Hiccups and Hookups could’ve really benefited from a story that doesn’t go here and there. To be fair, this series is just a fun little thing that wants to give you a good time. It doesn’t try to go too deep and stays predominantly on a surface level. There’s nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that then, the show needs to be extremely entertaining and funny.

Unfortunately for Hiccups and Hookups, it’s neither of those things at a steady pace. For most of its runtime, it’s a plateau of inconsistent jokes and funny situations that don’t land. The rest of it is peppered with relatable and funny moments that do make you smile and chuckle. These are the moments when the series feels real and entertaining but you have to wait for quite some time for them to come up again.

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Some of the more emotional moments feel extremely half-baked and awkward and you don’t get too deep into the three characters to feel anything for them or their problems. However, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed Dutta and Babbar’s relationship in the series. The two feels like two pods of the same pea and it’s delightful to see both of them working off each other. Their interactions are also one of the most interesting parts of the show.

That being said, the biggest positive about Hiccups and Hookups is Lara Dutta. She’s so fun, energetic and amazingly relatable. Her problems and how she tackles life is probably something that we’d all go through and do. By far, she gets into the most awkward situations and those are also the funniest to witness. She’s a sight for sore eyes.

Summing up: Hiccups and Hookups

The show has an interesting premise that could’ve done so much better had the show tried to better handle the narrative. There are moments that are genuinely funny but are difficult to find in each episode. It makes for a leisurely watch nonetheless and Lara Dutta’s impeccable screen presence will definitely entertain you.

Hiccups and Hookups is streaming on Lionsgate Play. This review is based on the first two episodes.

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Hiccups and Hookups is a mediocre entertainer that gets some of its funny bits right.

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