HBO’s The Undoing Episode 6 Review: Wait, It Ends HOW?!

The Undoing is a psychological thriller miniseries based on the 2014 novel You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz. The series is written by David E. Kelley, directed by Susanne Bier and stars Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Noah Jupe and Lily Rabe. The Undoing episode 6 is directed by Susanne Bier.


The Undoing episode 6 recap

The Barrier episode 6
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I have seen drama spilling out on-screen too many times. A sucker for crappy shows, the drama is what I live for. However, no show has given me this amount of drama, only for it to end like this as The Undoing.

Okay, let’s take it from the top. The Undoing episode 6 starts off when it left off in the last episode. Grace is shocked to find the murder weapon with Henry and there’s a team meeting where everyone discusses what to do with this knowledge. Haley tells them to conceal or get rid of it while Jonathan continues to say that he’s innocent. And then that man has the gall to say that Henry might’ve been behind this. I mean, Jonathan, COME ON.

On the other hand, you also realise that Grace is planning something behind everyone’s backs. It’s not something you wouldn’t be able to figure out, because, well, The Undoing episode 6 makes it kinda clear from the start. However, the way this scheming goes down in extremely satisfying to watch.

Essentially, Grace, pretending to be on Jonathan’s side, totally ruins his defence and tells everything about his personality in front of the jury. It’s satisfying and extremely well done, with Nicole Kidman delivering a satisfying, relatable, well thought out and terrifying testimony. Obviously, Haley and Jonathan are pissed, and you kind of see Jonathan’s exterior crack from here.

Listen, the answer to who killed Elena Alves was quite a simple one. But holy shit is Jonathan a huge a-hole. The way The Undoing episode 6 shows us how it all went down is absolutely gnarly and I had to look away. However, the effects are very well done, and fans of gore will have a good time.

The Barrier episode 6
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There’s a lot of mysterious and “coded” conversations between Grace and a lot of the characters in this episode that essentially give away what she’s about to do in the last minute. If you pay attention, you might just find the entire answer right in front of you.

And when Jonathan finally breaks, it’s… so underwhelming. So, he goes full-on kidnapping mode and takes his son and tries to kill both of them (?). There’s a chase sequence after which Jonathan tries to kill himself, but that doesn’t happen. He calls behind Grace and Henry to make them stay, but is arrested and that’s where we end. So, we know that there’s no way he’s gonna get out of this now – well and good. However, this is the silliest and the most underwhelming season finale I have seen in a while.

The end sequence of The Undoing feels forced and rushed, considering the series had a lot of loose ends to tie up. And it did that in the sloppiest way possible. I was totally for the ending until they tried to do this half-hearted kidnapping stint. It was too short, there wasn’t enough tension or build-up and ended off abruptly. We don’t see the aftermath and can only imagine how it’d go down, and honestly, I wish they ended it some other way. This was entirely too much fanfare for too little result.

The Barrier episode 6
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Okay now about who ended up murdering Elena, let me just say, this was literally the prime suspect, someone everyone thought to have been the murderer and was entirely too obvious and easy. Sure, Grace’s backtrack made for a helluva great twist, but the central mystery on which this whole series was standing was – who killed Elena Alves? That twist, unfortunately, wasn’t too great and the series, which was filled with so much tension and was well-made, turned out to deliver the most obvious suspect. It’s extremely underwhelming.

The Undoing episode 6 brings to an end a series that I enjoyed a lot. However, it could’ve benefitted from a better thought-out twist and ending.

Also, here’s a shoutout to Queen Sylvia for being a badass and doing what’s right.

The Undoing episode 6 is streaming on HBO Max and Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Undoing episode 6 gives us a pretty underwhelming ending with a perpetrator we've known since episode 1.

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