HBO’s The Nevers Episode 3 Recap: Pain, Death, And Violence

The Nevers Episode 3 Spoilers Ahead

The Nevers premiered on 12th April 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar. The American science fiction drama television series is created by Joss Whedon for HBO and produced by HBO and Mutant Enemy Productions with executive producers including Whedon, Philippa Goslett, Doug Petrie, Jane Espenson, Ilene S. Landress, and Bernadette Caulfield.

The series stars Laura Donnelly, Ann Skelly, Olivia Williams, James Norton, Tom Riley, Pip Torrens, Denis O’Hare, Rochelle Neil, Amy Manson, Zackary Momoh, Nick Frost, Eleanor Tomlinson, Viola Prettejohn, and Elizabeth Berrington alongside other cast members.

Hatred And Murder

From the very beginning of the show, one thing has been made very clear i.e., that the touched are neither loved by the majority nor seen as humans. They are either the means of hatred, or sexual fantasy, or a threat to the majority. As the series is progressing and catching pace we are coming to terms with people who have gruesome ideas and plans for the touched which more often than not aims to have them dead.

In The Nevers Episode 3, we see telephone lines bring installed in Lord Massen’s mansion and on the other hand Penance builds an amplifier to help Mary’s voice reach everyone who is touched in order for them to join everyone in the orphanage for safekeeping and their mission. But things don’t look that good as we see Amalia tell Bonfire Annie “You know we’re dying” as she pleads her to join them but Annie is not an easy get. As Penance takes care of the fire Annie caused at the Beggar Kings dock she accidentally inhales enough amounts of burning opium that she invents an amplifier in one night.

Amalia has been keeping secrets about the mission from everyone and as Mary realizes the same she questions her and tells her “You want me to sing so that more people will come here? Maybe I’m struggling because I don’t know if they should.” To this Amalia replies saying 3 years ago she woke up knowing things she shouldn’t but doesn’t elaborate and moves on.

The Nevers Episode 3

But it seems as if Amalia is not the only one with secrets here. We see Swann “auditioning” touched females by taking sexual advances from them and disregarding them when they can’t produce colourful lights during sexual acts. On the other hand, while telephone lines are being installed in Lord Massen’s house we come to terms with the fact that he is hiding something forbidden in his basement. It could be Lord Massen’s allegedly dead daughter who was also touched and considering his hatred towards the touched, it’s hard to believe that he’ll pardon his own kin.

And lastly, Frank Mundi has skeletons of his own. We are told in The Nevers Episode 3 that Mundi is gay and has been in a sexual relationship with Swann (not just once) and well, he hates himself for that. As the episode continues, Penance finds one of Dr Hague’s dummy flyers for St. Rom’s the same poster that lured that Italian shopgirl to her brain-death last week and brings it to Amalia who takes immediate action and reaches the said address and rightly slaps and beats the hell out of everyone. She then collects the pieces of evidence and leaves.

Amalia then decided to take all this to Lavinia Bidlow, not knowing that she is the mastermind behind the grotesque and gruesome human testing being done on the touched. As she returns from the same, her cart suddenly stops and she falls off in the river only to realize one of the Beggar king’s goon is here to exact revenge for what happened at the Limehouse docks. This leads us to one of the best scenes in all 3 episodes of The Nevers. A fight scene between Amalia and the Beggar King’s goon is what follows and oh my god!

The Nevers Episode 3

After fighting and eventually killing the goon with his own chain (bravo!) in The Nevers episode 3, Amalia turns up to the park where the amplifier was to be tested only to realize that it no more testing but rather its showtime. Everything is going fine, Mary starts to sing and the amplifier works perfectly. Her voice reaches out to everyone but as her voice reaches out she is shot numerous times till she falls dead by a Maladie’s henchman who has an automatic arm like a gun.

What went wrong? How was a plan which was so perfectly made soiled in The Nevers episode 3? Lavinia Bidlow, whose underground excavations involve pulling off the alienated girls no one is searching for, was probably the only person who knew about the concert besides the attendees and she seems to be the only one with the power to cause something like this. Her motivations are obvious, but it’s her choice of executioner that raises suspicions. Is Maladie involved with Lavinia in some way? Is that her mission? 

Heartbroken and grieving the touched return home and find Bonfire Annie standing there with a fire burning high. To show Amalia and everyone else the number of people who heard the song and have now gathered here. It’s a good thing if we see it according to Amalia’s plan but if we consider factors Amalia has no idea about like Bidlow’s intention we realize that unknowingly see is bringing these people into danger. But the show till The Nevers Episode 3 has not foreshadowed any such future event but it seems inevitable.

Stream It or Skip It

The Nevers Episode 3

STREAM IT! The Nevers Episode 3 suggests that there is a lot more to the storyline that is yet to be seen. The show has travelled a considerable distance from its starting point and with every passing episode, the character arc is defined more. It gets frustrating when major reveals are slipped off at peak moments but the still manages to keep its intrigue factor high and viewers hooked.

The Nevers Episode 3 is streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Nevers Episode 3 adds more to the struggle, pain, and hardships of the touched.

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The Nevers Episode 3 adds more to the struggle, pain, and hardships of the touched. HBO’s The Nevers Episode 3 Recap: Pain, Death, And Violence