HBO’s The Nevers Episode 2 Recap: Fight To Save The Touched and Innocent

The Nevers Episode 2 Spoilers Ahead

The Nevers premiered on 12th April 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar. The American science fiction drama television series is created by Joss Whedon for HBO and produced by HBO and Mutant Enemy Productions with executive producers including Whedon, Philippa Goslett, Doug Petrie, Jane Espenson, Ilene S. Landress, and Bernadette Caulfield.

The series stars Laura Donnelly, Ann Skelly, Olivia Williams, James Norton, Tom Riley, Pip Torrens, Denis O’Hare, Rochelle Neil, Amy Manson, Zackary Momoh, Nick Frost, Eleanor Tomlinson, Viola Prettejohn, and Elizabeth Berrington alongside other cast members.

The Nevers Episode 2

The Touched- A Charity Case?

The Nevers Episode 1 established the binaries between the Touched and everyone else and made it clear how people despise them. Continuing on the set lines The Nevers Episode 2 builds more on the entire dispute more intricately unfolding more character ideology and storyline.

After the horrific events of Episode 1 caused by Maladie, all the Touched people are feared more than before causing more friction by the day between the two. To fizzle out the situation in The Nevers Episode 2, Lavinia Bidlow hosts a charity gala and invites few touched people so that people know that they are friends, not foe.

But it seems that she is not looking to solve the binaries between the Touched and everyone else as Bidlow asks the Touched to wear blue ribbons to distinguish them from the rest of her company (Like Nazi’s did with Jews by making them wear yellow stars). But the charity party is oppressive and exploitative, which fits with a culture that promoted physiological abnormality as a means of mass entertainment.

As episodes unfold, Lavinia Bidlow comes across as a cunning yet perplexing figure who runs an orphanage for those who’ve been Touched in order to keep them protected. But nevertheless, she is in charge of the scientist who is conducting gruesome tests on the Touched in order to determine what makes them unique. We also see how these folks are accepted and used in accord to the rich, on one side there’s Bidlow’s charity and on the other side there’s The Ferryman’s Club where men in power can have sexual relations with Touched women.

It is an interesting juxtaposition in The Nevers Episode 2 to see how after Maladie’s attack the Club’s membership demand went up according to Swann. The Touched remain an object of mercy in broad daylight as long as they follow the social structure, which involves using their superhuman abilities just to intrigue. While on the other hand, the Touched are allowed to completely represent themselves for someone else’s benefit in Swann’s perverted dream club.

The Ferryman’s isn’t just an economic choice in a city where the Touched are alienated from their families and fired from their jobs. It is more of an everyday question of – to be feared or to be fantasised; it’s dehumanising and demeaning either way.

The Nevers Episode 2

As The Nevers Episode 2 continues we see Amalia helping Mundi for which she helps him build a psychological profile of Maladie. Soon it turns out Mundi was engaged to Mary before everything went south, convincing Amalia that he cares more about saving Mary’s life than killing Maladie. This information becomes the sole reason why Amalia agrees to help Mundi.

It isn’t long after that Amalia reaches Maladie and well, the fight begins. Both Amalia and Maladie have backstories, we come to know about in The Nevers episodes 2 – a time when Maladie was called Sarah and Amalia was Molly, they knew each other but something went wrong leading Molly to turn her back on Sarah which caused her descent into madness as she was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally. We also come to know that Maladie does not want to kill Amalia rather wants to hurt her in a way she remembers, something that is more emotional than physical.

To do so, she engineers a pulley where on one end she ties Mary and on the other Penance and hands Amalia a gun asking her to save one. Amalia does a nice, emotional little speech about sacrifice before shooting herself in the stomach. Then she shoots Maladie but well, none of the two dies and Maladie escapes yet again.

After everything that takes place in The Nevers Episode 2 including new developments and truth bombs the series is picking up pace but there still seems to be a long place to go. I was taken aback by the episode end, even the mad Dr Hague is just a middle man. The mastermind behind the zombified labour operation down in Fraggle Rock is none other than the philanthropist Lavinia Bidlow, the so-called well-wisher of the touched. It is scary and real how people manage to fool and take advantage of people from right under their noses in the name of goodwill and kindness.

Stream It or Skip It

The Nevers Episode 2

STREAM IT! The Nevers Episode 2 poses social commentary and juxtapositions that’ll make you question a lot of situations you see in the show. While not everything will make sense right now and undeniably there are some unnecessary plot points, the series seems to be heading in the right direction. Additionally, I really want to know what Bidlow is actually up to!

The Nevers Episode 2 is streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Nevers Episode 2 problematizes the entire idea of the touched and their relationship with society more. Society is split over how they should feel about the touched while all these women really want is freedom and basic human rights and grounds.

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The Nevers Episode 2 problematizes the entire idea of the touched and their relationship with society more. Society is split over how they should feel about the touched while all these women really want is freedom and basic human rights and grounds. HBO’s The Nevers Episode 2 Recap: Fight To Save The Touched and Innocent