HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: What It Takes

Succession Season 3 Episode 6 picks up Kendall’s ‘daddy issues’ and gives us insight into the bad blood the continues. Created by Jesse Armstrong, Succession is an Emmy- award-winning satirical black-comedy drama. The runtime for each episode is about an hour. The cast includes Brian Cox as CEO of Waystar RoyCo Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, and Sarah Snook as Shiv (aka Siobhan Roy), Alan Ruck as Connor Roy, Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans, Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch and Hiam Abbass as Marcia Roy.

– HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 6 recap contains mild spoilers –

Succession Season 3 Episode 6: Pick Your President!

After the ruckus at the shareholders’ meet during the last episode, Logan strives to remain unharmed and unaffected by it. In fact, in this episode Logan and his children (of course, not Kendall because he’s a blocked number on Logan’s list now so) attend the Future Freedom Summit, a conservative event that is also a straw poll for the Republican Party’s next presidential candidate. The contenders are extremists- one is into Connor’s girlfriend Willa whereas the other seems machiavellian and is also called Mencken, to add to the fun. Now, it is only Logan to pick and back the to-be president he thinks will be an asset to Waystar.

While all this is fun, it is sad to see Tom become the “Christman Tree” for the family he’s married into and the company he is dedicated to. It is like everyone is going on hanging their sins on his branches. His marriage is clearly a disaster, not that we did expect otherwise when we saw Shiv sneaking behind his back with Nate. Yet Tom is a man of romantic gestures who seems to be killed for the last few episodes with his wife’s choice of an open marriage. He only has Greg to lament to and, that too isn’t the perfect pick.

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So during this crisis, Tom is approached by Kendall (obviously!) to testify against Logan. Even though his lawyer, Lisa has pointed out that the papers he holds against the company aren’t as threatening as he thinks. Will Tom switch sides? Well, even though it is an unlikely event, one needs to watch this episode to find out.

Meanwhile, there is no unanimous answer between the Roys to “Who do we like?” amongst the presidential candidate and everyone has their pitches ready. Unfortunately, Shiv’s is the weakest and we again fin her embarrassed and humiliated. There’s also an uncalled for marriage announced in this episode and Kerry (Logan’s Assitant) looks like she is getting some action.

Succession Season 3 Episode 6: Final Thoughts

Succession Season 3 Episode 6 is monotonous and a tad bit boring than the previous episodes. There is less drama and it is an easy episode to get through without thinking of the bad blood the characters share with one another. In the next episode, we wait for Kendall to latch onto something concrete because Lagon is a “climate denier” and there is no way he’d stop being the CEO until death gives him rest.

You can watch Succession Season 3 Episode 6 now streaming on Disney+Hotstar. To catch the recap of the previous Succession Season 3 episodes, click here.

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Succession Season 3 Episode 6 lurks on the lines of Kendall's desperation to get back and Logan's attitude of not caring any less about it.

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Succession Season 3 Episode 6 lurks on the lines of Kendall's desperation to get back and Logan's attitude of not caring any less about it.HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: What It Takes