HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Mass In Time Of War

In the last episode of Succession Season 3, we see Shiv contemplating to move to the other side of the game, a theme which Succession Season 3 Episode 2 focuses on a much larger range picking up the focus from Shiv to all the Roy Siblings. Jesse Armstrong’s Emmy winning satirical black-comedy drama has a runtime of one hour for each episode. The cast includes Brian Cox as CEO of Waystar RoyCo Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, and Sarah Snook as Shiv (aka Siobhan Roy), Alan Ruck as Connor Roy, Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans, Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch and Hiam Abbass as Marcia Roy.

– HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Recap contains mild spoilers –

Succession Season 3 Episode 2: A Convincing Task

Kendall might seem like the guy up against Logan at this point, but it is actually Shiv who is keeping her cards close and knows that somehow the ball is in her court as she has her loyalty to both Logan and Kendall at this point in time. So, it is up to Kendall to convince Shiv enough to shift her side completely and convince her, he does. At his critical base of operations at Reva’s, Kendall is brilliant and dare I say, insightful in his TedTalk to Shiv as well as other Roy siblings.

But the desire for power never lets Shiv come to the point to understand what Kendall means when he calls her “a good person but, not a good person”. Kendall’s pitch also includes a needling manipulation to make Roman and Connor join his side. However, no matter how convincing a point Kendall makes, everything is undone when he asserts to take leadership. If anything, the Roy siblings are crabs pulling each other down to get to the top.

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Meanwhile, the exiled Logan wants to reconcile with Marcia for seemingly business and political reasons. However, Marcia has always been the silent but stern character, doing less but enough. That is why she makes sure to be compensated well if Logan plans to use her as a show of redemption to the world. Meanwhile, Greg is finally realizing the bet he put on Kendall is a bargain he might lose, making him seek help from another Roy in the house- Ewan.

Succession Season 3 Episode 2: Final Thoughts

Succession Season 3 Episode 2 comes to an end with a box of donuts finding their way into the life of the Roy siblings, a corrupt gift to remind each of them that the throne still belongs to Logan Roy and so does their fate to sit on it. The dynamics of power might flicker during the episode with daddy’s favourite Shiv being a key subject to leadership pretender Kendall being the only one to save the company, but ultimately it is Logan Roy with all the strings in his hand.

Succession Season 3 is going to be a treat it seems as it continues its brilliant stride for a darker and more satirical story. You can watch HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 2 now on Disney+ Hotstar. Meanwhile, to catch the recap of the previous Succession Season 3 episodes- click here.

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Succession Season 3 Episode 2 is all about how the Roys convince each other, in terms of which side to pick.

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HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Mass In Time Of WarSuccession Season 3 Episode 2 is all about how the Roys convince each other, in terms of which side to pick.