HBO’s Nuclear Family Episode 3 Review: Too Late

Nuclear Family episode 3 marks the end of the three-part documentary with Ry Russo-Young’s closure to the lawsuit that ruled her childhood. As per the last episode, we got to see how Robin and Russo won their iconic fight against the sperm donor, Tom for paternal rights and visitation. This victory and the entire case, in general, marked a historic event in the LGBTQ+ community and helped other people from the community build and raise a family post this lawsuit.

Produced and directed by the acclaimed director of The Sun Is Also A Star Ry Russo-Young, HBO’s Nuclear Family feels like a revisitation into Ry’s past for her and the audience to understand and confront the circumstances of what led to what. Each episode has a runtime that ranges from 55 minutes to 1 hour.

– HBO’s Nuclear Family Episode 3 Review contains mild spoilers –

Nuclear Family Episode 3: Understanding Both Sides

By the end of the last episode, we did not only see Tom losing the case but also the revelation of him being HIV positive that reduced the number of years he could have with Ry. We walk through the thin ice of the lawsuit being appealed and Russo and Robin getting the decision to stay. We witness the family being quintessential through interviews and tv programs representing the rights of the LGBTQ+ community to build a family.

But most importantly, this episode is more and more dedicated to Ry and the root of why she made this documentary in the first place. The lawsuit between Tom and her mothers resulted in this rift in Ry’s world where she did not want to feel things anymore walking down the path of drugs. We also understand that Ry Russo being a director did stem out from her childhood struggle of battling and being at the centre of a four-year-long lawsuit.

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Ry tells us about a rendition of “Little Red Riding Hood” she did in school where she, her sister and her mothers all portrayed the character of Red Riding Hood whereas Tom was painted as the evil wolf and through directing this play she not only found clarity in her life, she also felt closer to telling other people’s story through films to just forget her own.

However, that did not last long as she soon found the courage to watch the old childhood tapes with Tom which she had shoved away all these years and finally be present to listen to his side of the story, if not through him then through his friends and everyone close to him who witnessed the lawsuit. Which is what resulted in this particular documentary film.

By the end of the episode, we see Ry finally asking some questions to her mothers which Tom might have asked if he was present with us and breaking out of the cages and demons that have held her back for so long.

Nuclear Family Episode 3: Final Thoughts

Nuclear Family is a beautiful visit to life growing up in a family without the gender norms where two mothers stand against the world for their children. The documentary film is also about a father’s love for his daughter misunderstood and unheard that finally gets to the world loud and clear, without bias so the viewers can decide with whom they want to stick.

You can stream all three episodes of Nuclear Family on HBO now. To catch the recap of the previous episodes of Nuclear Familyclick here.

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Nuclear Family Episode 3 marks the final insight into the story of Ry Russo-Young's life.


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