HBO’s Nuclear Family Episode 2 Review: Some Pain, Some Gain

Nuclear Family episode 2 delves deeper into Russo and Robin’s battle. As per the last episode, we get a detailed view into the life of the Russo-Young family: 2 lesbian mothers raising two daughters in a world where being a part of the LGBTQ+ community was still new and evolving until one of the sperm donors (Tom) sues them for paternity and visitation rights which gives rise to new obstacles in their already complicated world.

This three-part documentary is produced and directed by the acclaimed director of The Sun Is Also A Star Ry Russo-Young, who tells the story of her life and how a four-year-long lawsuit dismantled her family and her childhood, in general. HBO’s Nuclear Family feels like a revisitation into Ry’s past for her to understand truly the circumstances of what led to what. Each episode has a runtime that ranges from 55 minutes to 1 hour.

– HBO’s Nuclear Family Episode 2 Review contains mild spoilers –

Nuclear Family Episode 2: A Tragic Battle

At the end of the first episode, we could determine the tragic position the Russo-Young family was put in, especially for Ry. Nuclear Family episode 2 picks up the thread from that instant and shows us the journey of the family during the lawsuit.

Ry interviews friends, families, attornies and everyone relevant to the case to find a sort of closure that her younger self couldn’t. We understand how deeply rooted the motherly instincts have been in Robin and Russo and how they fought tirelessly to safeguard Ry. However, all legal battles have their dark side and this one is not an exception. Moments have been revealed where friends turned on each other and deliberate delay and pain was caused to both parties.

However, the saddest outcome of this battle alongside side Ry’s mental development was also the unintentional form of neglect her sister, Cade had to face. We also see how Tom was not a bad person but, rather someone who was trying to retain and preserve a kind of emotional relationship that he has never had prior to Ry’s presence in his life. More so given, he was seemingly running out of time.

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Nuclear Family Episode 2: Changing The Narrative

Through this episode, we not only gain more insight into how archaic the thoughts of parenting have been but also, how certain outrageous steps were taken to win this case. An instance is Tom, who identifies as a gay person, fabricated the story of Robin and Russo suffering from “lesbian fusion” that was eventually affecting their children.

There are certain areas that highlight how biological basis was considered the supreme power to win a custody case or be accepted as a parent in society. During a time when winning a custody battle or the ones on the same lines for a heterosexual couple was becoming difficult, Robin and Russo set an incredible example of how love conquers all. The outcome of the case is not only historic but is also a contributor to today’s changed narrative.

Nuclear Family Episode 2: Final Thoughts

There is no denying that HBO’s Nuclear Family is here to set a different standard for personalized documentary films. By generating awareness and giving a perspective to the story of an LGBTQ+ couple and their struggles to raise a family, this docu-film is definitely one of its kind.

You can watch Nuclear Family Episode 2 on HBO now. To catch the recap of the first episode of Nuclear Family, click here.

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Nuclear Family episode 2 holds our hands as we walk through the tragic legal battle faced by the Russo-Young family.


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