HBO’s Mare of Easttown Episode 7 Recap: Sacrament

Mare of Easttown is a crime drama miniseries created by Brad Ingelsby which premiered on HBO. Mare of Easttown episode 7 is directed by Craig Zobel and is tilted Sacrament. The series stars Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, David Denman and Evan Peters, alongside other cast members.

Mare of Easttown episode 7 recap

Mare of Easttown episode 7 opens with a whammy – a look at who DJ’s real father is. Yes, it’s in the picture that Carter was holding in the previous episode and yes, it’s shocking and pretty disgusting.

As Billy and John fight it out in the woods, Mare reaches the place and puts a stop to it so that one of them don’t die. She then arrests John. Once in custody, John starts to gives excuses about why he and Erin started having sex and why it all happened. And note, this is an underage girl we are talking about who is John’s own blood. He then describes how he went through the murder and exactly how it happened. However, the most shocking part? Lori knew.

Mare then goes to meet Deacon Mark and tells him that she has called the DA’s office to let them know of the fact that he’s not involved. Mark feels guilty for not saving Erin when he had the chance. However, Mark later tells her that he can’t leave Easttown – it’s his home.

We then see John in the courthouse, getting charged for murdering Erin. Afterwards, he talks to Lori and implores her to take DJ in – he is his son and he doesn’t want him to go to someone else. Lori looks distraught and I am surprised that John has the audacity to ask this of her. But then again, he slept with an underage girl and had a baby with her and then murdered her; you can’t say too much about his morals. As he leaves, Mare and Lori share a look with each other and then the former leaves.

When Mare comes home, she talks to Siobhan and gives her advice regarding whether she should go to Berkeley or not. Late on in Mare of Easttown episode 7, we see a lot of the characters and how their lives ended up becoming in the aftermath of the horrible tragedies that shook the town, including Katie and Jess. Lori takes DJ for his ear surgery and Carrie tells Mare that she can’t take Drew since she’s using drugs again.

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We then see Mare and her family, including Frank and Faye, having a meal together and laughing. It’s a sweet scene where we see that all of them came out better and stronger through the tragedy and get some more insight into their lives and into them as people.

However, these are just fluff additions to a bigger picture. If you thought that you knew what’s going on in this show, then Mare of Easttown episode 7 is here to tell you otherwise. Slight inconsistencies in John’s story creates a world of suspicion in Mare’s mind. First, it’s the fact that John wasn’t having an affair with Sandra Elliott and second, Glen Carroll tells her that someone took his gun, the exact gun that shot Erin, from his shed.

Well, it turns out that it was actually Ryan Ross who shot Erin and John was simply covering for his son. However, it’s a complicated thing and as Ryan tells the detectives how things came to be, you kind of feel sad for him. Honestly, no one is to blame here but John and is cheating butt. 13-year-old Ryan just reaped more than he could sow. Cameron Mann as Ryan does a great job here and brings forth the confusion and heartbreak of a child who just wanted to protect his family in the wrong way.

Mare’s relationship is, obviously, forever hampered because of this incident. Lori asks her why she couldn’t leave Ryan alone since she already had John. However, seldom can you get away with murder. Later on, in Mare of Easttown episode 7, we see Mare talking to her therapist about the incident – Lori still hasn’t reached out to her, in spite of Mare trying to.

We see Ryan in a juvenile facility; he seems to be doing good and meets his brother there. Siobhan goes off to college, on the other hand, and is a teary goodbye. A rousing speech from Deacon Mark pushes Mare to go see Lori and the two have a tearful reunion and finally, one morning, Mare is able to go back up to the attic.

Mare of Easttown episode 7’s shocking revelation and heart-touching end rises to the occasion of this being an overall satisfying series with lots of emotions and thrills. Mare’s character arc, too, is something that is worth the watch and creates an attachment with her character that is hard to come by. Additionally, the fact that the series really hammered home how well therapy works for you should be praised. A perfect ending to an otherwise great series.

Mare of Easttown episode 7 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Mare of Easttown episode 7’s shocking revelation and heart-touching end rises to the occasion of this being an overall satisfying series with lots of emotions and thrills.

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