HBO’s Mare of Easttown Episode 4 Recap: Poor Sisyphus

Mare of Easttown is a crime drama miniseries created by Brad Ingelsby which premiered on HBO. Mare of Easttown episode 4 is directed by Craig Zobel. The series stars Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, David Denman and Evan Peters, alongside other cast members.

Mare of Easttown Episode 4 Recap

Mare of Easttown episode 4, titled Poor Sisyphus, starts off with Mare being sad about how everything turned out after episode 3. She’s now side-lined from the case after planting drugs in Carrie’s car. Sisyphus’s story probably makes a little sense here. Sisyphus, the founder and king of Ephyra, was punished for cheating death twice and had to roll a huge boulder up a hill and then see it roll down and repeat the process for eternity.

Anyway, history lesson aside, Mare breaks her hard exterior and shows some affection when she rests her head on Lori’s shoulders as they talk about her suspension and the fact that she is stalling telling her mother and Siobhan. She rests her head on her shoulders and the two share a moment that is not usually seen when it comes to our protagonist. It is evident that Lori holds a special place in Mare’s life and as far as female friendships go, let me tell you those never go away, whatever be the case.

Mare finally gets up the courage to tell her family the truth which results in Helen blasting her to space and Siobhan telling her that she broke up. The situation is frustrating and Helen is visibly angry because it can result in them losing Drew’s custody forever. However, Mare assures her that Carrie can’t prove that it was her.

On the other hand, Zabel finds out that Mare has been suspended and continues to investigate the circumstances of Deacon Mark’s transfer. It is, obviously, no surprise that he was caught having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old girl. Mark tells him that the church cleared his name in the incident, but Zabel tells him to get his story straight. He was the last person Erin talked to the night that she was murdered, so you can understand where all of this is coming from – and Zabel has a huge point here.

In other news in Mare of Easttown episode 4, Mare and Richard meet up and discuss their problems again. When the latter asks her what happened to the Drew situation and whether she talked about it with Carrie, she said yes but didn’t divulge anything further. They then decide to meet up again later on.

Katie’s mother, Dawn, gets a phone call that tells her to get $5000 in order to see her daughter, who the caller says is alive. She arranges for the money but when she tells her friend about it, the latter is quick to dismiss it as a scam.

Mare, inspite of being suspended, does not stop investigating Erin’s murder in Mare of Easttown episode 4. She checks out her Instagram profile, filled with thing to go through, where she finds a video where the teenager is talking about how exhausted she is and that she feels like a bad mother.

This prompts a memory for Mare where she goes back to the time when Kevin and Carrie stole money from her to buy drugs. The scene is heartbreaking as you see a mother totally helpless in front of her son and him and his girlfriend abusing Mare for not giving them money. Carrie even calls her a “stupid f-ing b”. No wonder Mare has her apprehensions when it comes to Carrie and leaving Drew alone with her.

Anyway, another shocking incident rocks the small town to its core. We seen Missy Sager, who works as an escort, try to have sex with a mysterious man in a car only for him to strangle her. Later in Mare of Easttown episode 4, her parents ask for her to come back to them as Mare looks on. She goes off to meet Zabel, who is having dinner with her mom. After an awkward first encounter (“Mom, this is my Mare… oh, I mean, my partner, Mare Sheehan”), they get straight to work about Missy.

Later, Mare and Zabel meet Jess about Erin’s death and they find out that she had signed up for an escort service to pay for DJ’s ear surgery. Although she never did it, Mare still takes the username and password for her account. She additionally asks Jess where Erin kept her journals but doesn’t disclose this to Zabel. He then promptly asks Mare out which was not awkward at all.

Mare of Easttown episode 4 ends with Dawn going against Beth and meeting the guy who says that he has Katie. However, the man tries to run with her money and when she realises that there is nothing there, takes his mask off. It turns out to be Freddie, Beth’s brother, who apologises to Dawn. She comes home and Beth is concerned because she’s all bloody from running into a pole but Dawn doesn’t tell her friend about Freddie.

We then see the masked man taking Missy to Bennie’s Tavern and locking her in a room. The room looks like it was prepared in anticipation of her arrival, which means that this was premeditated. We then see that Katie Bailey is alive.

With Katie’s development, the Mare of Easttown series will definitely get more interesting. We are looking at a man who is “collecting” girls. For what purpose? Did he try to take Erin but was unsuccessful? What happens to Zabel and Mare now? Are there going to be more kidnappings or murders? There are a lot of questions that the series needs to answer and I am excited to see where it takes us.

Mare of Easttown episode 4 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Mare of Easttown episode 4, titled Poor Sisyphus, deals with new revelations and relationships.

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