HBO’s Mare of Easttown Episode 3 Recap: Do You Know Everyone?

Mare of Easttown is a crime drama miniseries created by Brad Ingelsby which premiered on HBO. Mare of Easttown episode 3 is directed by Craig Zobel. The series stars Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, David Denman and Evan Peters, alongside other cast members.

Mare of Easttown episode 3 recap

As we get into Mare of Easttown episode 3, we come across more people that rouse our’s and Mare’s suspicions regarding Erin’s death. However, the series is yet to give us a strong lead that will go anywhere. In the last episode, we saw Frank’s name come up and Dylan’s paternity questioned. You’d expect that to have more of an impact on the story but that’s not the case, atleast as of yet.

Mare of Easttown episode 3 starts off with Erin’s autopsy results where the ME rambles on regarding the facts surrounding her body and death. She notices that there are no signs of sexual assault so then what was the killer’s motive?

While Mare, Zabel and we try to figure out what happened on the fated night, Kenny is found by his buddies and they take him to see Mare. Once there, Kenny says that he shot and killed Dylan, but Mare states otherwise. Dylan survived the attack but there might just be complications.

On the other hand, Lori goes and tells Mare what she learned about Erin, DJ and Frank. Hot-headed, she storms off to talk to Frank while they’re in the middle of a game night. It totally ruins the mood for everyone and she asks him to submit a DNA sample. He agrees, but he also states that he didn’t have sex with Erin and that he has a solid alibi for the night of her murder.

Moving on, Mare also finds another suspect in Mare of Easttown episode 3. The show’s reputation of throwing suspects and red herrings our way only to be left high and dry has made me wary to totally immerse myself into the suspect pool. Anyway, Mare and Zabel question Deacon Mark, who was the last person to talk to Erin before she was murdered. The questioning doesn’t go as well as everyone would hope because the creepy things that the Deacon says set off alarm bells. Add to the fact that he never told anyone that he talked to Erin that night and you have a great lead.

Mare’s relationship with Richard seems to be going well too as they go out on a date and talk about their lives and problems. When Helen gets to know that her daughter is going out, she teases Richard and her and it’s so fun and cringy to watch. I think Helen and Mare’s squabbles are really entertaining content. They fight like cats and dogs but also seem to be quite dependant on each other.

In another news, new evidence gives the police a new crime scene where Mare figures out a bullet’s trajectory to find out what happened. It’s impressive to see Mare at work and our thoughts are shared by Zabel as well. They also get to know that Deacon Mark was transferred from his old parish under mysterious circumstances which alerts them to look deeper into him. Mare of Easttown episode 3 ends with Deacon Mark doing something truly naughty.

Mare of easttown episode 3
HBO's Mare of Easttown Episode 3 Recap: Do You Know Everyone? 4

Another storyline in episode 3 is Carrie trying to get custody of Drew. Listen, we all knew that Mare was kind of an unreliable narrator. But she goes totally off the rails in Mare of Easttown episode 3 and steals evidence to plant it on Carrie to get Drew’s custody. Obviously, Chief Carter gets to know this and suspends Mare. On the other hand, her relationship with Zabel is also hampered a bit after a drunken night in the bar.

We still have to see what the next episode brings. Mare of Easttown episode 3’s cliffhanger, however, is quite great and I am waiting to see what comes next.

Mare of Easttown episode 3 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Mare of Easttown episode 3 gives us a good cliffhanger and a lot to think about.


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