HBO’s Mare of Easttown Episode 2 Recap: Angry and Scared

Mare of Easttown is a crime drama miniseries created by Brad Ingelsby which premiered on HBO. Mare of Easttown episode 2 is directed by Craig Zobel. The series stars Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, David Denman and Evan Peters, alongside other cast members.

Mare of Easttown episode 2 recap

Mare of Easttown episode 2 ended HOW?! That’s exactly what I thought when the credits rolled after Monday’s episode. This is one of those shows that have all the makings of being awesome and that will hopefully deliver on the promises that it is making right now.

So, after the last episode, Mare of Easttown episode 2 introduces Evan Peters’s character and we get to see the falling out of the murder.

As Mare and the town get to know about Erin’s murder, she starts questioning all of her friends in her small town and their children. However, even after interviewing 40 kids and watching Brianna beat the shit out of Erin, there’s still a lot to uncover. Mare’s discovery of Brianna’s video also means that she has to arrest and interview the latter, who closes up like a clam.

Her arrest makes her the target of her father’s violence, but we see that Mare is rational, mostly. She understands that he’s angry and scared. Mare also has her sights on Erin’s ex-boyfriend, Dylan, who apparently never wanted to have a child. The boyfriend is, usually, always the clear suspect in cases like these and since the two were not on good terms, it makes sense for the detective to look into him.

On the other hand, there are other problems that Mare and her family have to take care of as well. We learn about her son, his death and the problems that Drew is facing. Mare is scared for her grandson. There’s also the angle with Richard. Guy Pearce always gives me bad vibes for some reason, and Richard’s undue attraction for Mare after a one-night stand makes me question his motives.

Additionally, Even Peters character, Colin, comes into the investigation to help with bringing the killer to justice. He’s obviously more level-headed than our protagonist, considering he doesn’t have that familiarity and personal connection with anyone in the town. Thus, his reaction when it comes to Mare arresting Brianna in front of everyone or while interviewing her is an outside perspective that might be helpful. Hopefully, his character will balance out Mare’s general displeasure for everything.

So, the revelation at the end of Mare of Easttown episode 2 might come as a shock to many, including me. Of course, the cliff-hanger might just turn around to be stupid gossip in the next episode. However, until that day comes it’s something to think about, especially because a few scenes earlier Frank says that he knew Erin from an algebra class. Hopefully, this has more weightage than being gossip and ties into the story somehow.

Mare of Easttown episode 2 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Mare of Easttown episode 2 marches on strong and gives us a lot to think about.
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