Hawkeye Finale: Will Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Show Up?

MCU fans are excited to see the Hawkeye finale tomorrow on Disney Plus. The series stars Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh, Tony Dalton, Fra Fee, Alaqua Cox and Vera Farmiga. We are just a few hours away from watching the sixth and final episodes. Well, Marvel fans have come up with some interesting theories.

From the Kingpin-Daredevil angle to theories on how Clint might die, there are various popular fan theories. But the latest addition is related to Spider-Man aka Tom Holland. If you haven’t watched Spider-Man: No Way Home yet, it would be best to avoid the write-up as it contains spoilers.

At the end of No Way Home, we see Peter Parker aka Spider-Man wearing his new costume and looking out for the neighbourhood. As everyone has forgotten about his real identity, Peter is alone during Christmas. Well, it’s December 2024 Christman, the same timeline in which Hawkeye events take place.

Spider-Man in Hawkeye finale?

Due to the same timeline and Kingpin being the villain, many fans hope Spider-Man appears in the Hawkeye finale. Earlier, Hailee Steinfeld, who plays Kate Bishop was asked Spidey question on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Jimmy asked if Spider-Man will show up? Hailee answered, “It would be very cool.” She neither confirmed nor denied and kept her answer quite precise.

Coming to fans, here’s why they believe Tom’s Spider-Man might show up in the final episode. One person wrote, “peter will be in the hawkeye finale. nwh ends how spiderman ps4 starts w/ him looking at a police scanner and leaving his apartment. in the game he goes after fisk and in the movie, peter swings over the rockefeller center, where the hawkeye finale (fisk) is”.

“THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME. Spider-Man swings past a tree and building that appears in the Hawkeye trailer. Could he appear in the season finale of the show?,” questioned another fan.

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Check out some fan tweets on Hawkeye finale-Spidey crossover:

Well, it looks like fans really want Spidey to swing by and say ‘Hi’ to Clint and Kate in the final episode on Disney+.

It’s good to hope for amazing things to happen. But remember these words by someone who said it recently, “Expect disappointment and you won’t be disappointed.”

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