Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament Of Houses Episode 1 Review: Gryffindor Vs Hufflepuff

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses is just the place for Potterheads to be right now! This Amazon Prime series is a dedicated quiz competition for Harry Potter fans from all over the globe to compete under their specific houses for a shiny, big prize. The show is hosted by The Queen star Dame Helen Mirren, who might not have appeared in the film series but, has gladly taken her role as the Mistress of Ceremonies for this grand event. With weekly episodic releases for the greatest house to win a cup, the first episode is about 43 minutes long filled with fun and games.

– Amazon Prime’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 1 review does not contain spoilers –

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 1: May The Smartest Muggle Win!

J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books which later turned into films have become a global phenomenon. Marking the twenty-year anniversary of the entire film franchise, this quizzing series has assembled the world’s biggest Potterheads to compete House versus House, in true Hogwarts fashion. The winning team will obviously be presented with a lot of os rewards but the greatest will be to lift the Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses trophy which might remind us all of the Goblet of Fire.

In Dame Helen’s own words, this Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 1 accounts for the classic battle of courage and steely nerves versus hard work and dedication: Team Gryffindor versus Team Hufflepuff. Six contestants are chosen from the House gallery, three for each team, to represent their respective Houses. The selection happens in “Harry Potter” style, almost reminding us of how Harry’s Hogwarts letters blasted through the Dudleys’ fireplace. Three chosen participants from Gryffindor are Sofia, Trey and Brittany. For Team Hufflepuff, the chosen ones are Adriana, Luke, David.

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Throughout the episode, we hear from the participants about their love for the Harry Potter series and what makes them belong to their particular houses and also the strategy behind answering every question. There are four rounds in the game: The World of Harry Potter, The Dueling Club, The Department of Magical Games and The Golden Snitch. With each round, the stakes are higher and it is up to one House to make it to the Grand Finale.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 1 also features, actor Luke Youngblood (who was in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as Lee Jordan) as the official scorer of the event but, he is not all the stars that we get to see. The event is graced by fellow Gryffindor who lifted the sword by the end of the films, Neville Longbottom (played by Matthew Lewis) and Hufflepuff’s house ghost, the Fat Friar (played by Simon Fisher-Becker) and The Suicide Squad actor Pete Davidson.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 1: Final Thoughts

The first episode of Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses really sets the mood for how the entire quiz show will play out starting from questions that will make you go like you could answer it in your sleep to questions that will require you to meticulously watch and read the books repeatedly. You can watch the Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses Episode 1 now on Amazon Prime Video.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses' first episode introduces you to real-life Potterheads ready to compete for a big prize.


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