Hanwoo Rhapsody (2021) Review: The Indispensible Korean Cuisine Essential

Hanwoo Rhapsody is a Korean reality TV lifestyle show that focuses and addresses the love and importance of beef and consuming beef in Korea. Delving into the rich history and unique traditions of cooking beef in the country, Paik Jong-won, a culinary expert stands in the middle as host to lead the audience. There are two episodes in the show, both over 40 minutes long.

– Hanwoo Rhapsody review does not contain any spoilers –

Hanwoo Rhapsody: Two Episodes Dedicated To Beef Lovers From Korea & All Across the World

The first episode starts with a detailed and tasteful lesson on how beef can be barbequed and how indirect method of cooking is always superior to directly cooking an item on a vessel. We are introduced to the livestock traceability system where we can check the record from birth to sale of the livestock we are buying from the market (here, it is beef) and it functions. Along with the various beef tasting and cooking lessons, we also learn about the history of how beef became the quintessential companion to every Korean meal going back to the Joseon era.

Hanwoo Rhapsody Episode 1 also puts focus on the different methods and styles of cooking beef and we notice how the art of cooking has only gotten more creative and intricate with time. Specific cuts of meat only tune in well with certain sauces and don’t with others. The same is the case for vegetables too. Thus, it is always good to learn about the different types of cuts which ranges to about 120 and what flavours truly sparkle the real, moist taste of beef and what better country to hold as a reference but, Korea which is meticulous in this particular field.

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The love for beef gourmet food continues as we proceed to episode 2 of Hanwoo Rhapsody where we learn about the brilliance of beef tripe from local restaurants and take a deeper dive into the cooking strategies of beef. Making it the most popular food item all across Korea, the consumption of beef is not just limited to ribs and bulgogi. As the episode continues we understand how people from the past and the ones in the present come together for their love for beef.

From innards to head to tail to bone and even, the bone marrow, it is possible to find a lovely satisfying taste in every piece of beef. Using methods of old and new scientific advances, we see the ways beef is truly cooked to its depth and savoured by the people in the country.

Throughout the episodes, it is not just Paik Jong-won who we see and listen to. From restaurant owners to culinary chefs to normal people, we hear the verdict about the preciousness of beef and the immaculate ways of cooking it from various people in the show.

Hanwoo Rhapsody: Final Verdict

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Hanwoo Rhapsody is a love story between the people of Korea and their love for beef. This particular food item is not just a meat product on the plate for Koreans but, a metaphor to celebrate. It brings them happiness, joy and is the life of any party hosted. Hanwoo Rhapsody introduces us and takes us on a journey to meet and understand the indispensable Korean cuisine essential- Beef.

If you are a food lover or interested in knowing about the greatness and delight of beef as a food and source of happiness. This is surely the show you can tune into that will impress you and, well, downright make you hungry! With tempting visuals and detailed analysis, this show stands out as one of the best lifestyle shows on Netflix.

There are two episodes in this particular lifestyle reality docu-series. You can watch both of the episodes of Hanwoo Rhapsody (2021) now streaming on Netflix.

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Paik Jong-won takes gives us a soulful insight into Korea's beef culture in Netflix's Hanwoo Rhapsody.


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Hanwoo Rhapsody (2021) Review: The Indispensible Korean Cuisine EssentialPaik Jong-won takes gives us a soulful insight into Korea's beef culture in Netflix's Hanwoo Rhapsody.