In Our Blues Episode 4 Han Ji-min Tells Kim Woo-bin Her Past

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) aired episode 4 on April 17 on Netflix. In Our Blues Episode 4, we move to the story of Kim Woo-bin and Han Ji-min as Han-su leaves Jeju, leaving Eun-hui heartbroken. This is a 20 Episodes long series of stories of different characters and their lives and has a big star cast like Lee Jung-eun, Cha Seung-won, Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Kim Woo-bin and Han Ji-min. Episode 4 is titled Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun 1.

Our Blues Episode 4, Han Ji-min

Jeong-jun was born and raised in Jeju and he has barely gone anywhere outside the island. He lives alone not in a house but inside a bus and there is no mention of his family. He is a quiet person but feels homely instead of mysterious. He is kind and looks out for everyone in his town, be it school kids or the elderly. He stops the fight between men and also brings them home when they’re drunk.

Jeong-jun has two jobs. He is the captain of a boat for ‘Haenyeo’ meaning Sea Women who dive into the ocean. The Haenyeos on Jeong-jun’s boat collect Abalones and this is where he meets Yeong-ok for the first time. His second job is selling fish at Eun-hui’s shop in the fish market where Yeong-ok also works with him.

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Han Ji-min’s Enigmatic Personality

Unlike Jeong-jun, Yeong-ok has only recently moved to Jeju island. No one in the town really knows where she has really come from. She flirts with any man in the town and goes out for drinks with them. She is infamous for her behaviour and people say that she is not the woman whom a man should give his heart to.

There are rumours in the town saying that she has a husband and a kid on the mainland and she has run away from them on their island. Yeong-ok has told some people that her mother is an artist, for some, her mother is a shop owner and for some, her mother is dead. Words spread faster in a small town and people don’t like liars, more when it’s someone from the outside.

Kim Woo-bin

Other Haenyeos in Yeong-ok’s group are mostly older ladies in their sixties or seventies. They get mad at Yeong-ok after finding out her lies about her mother. They wonder if they should believe her or not. Yeong-ok often gets text messages from a man and she responds to them even though she doesn’t look happy doing it.

Kim Woo-bin Ponders Over His Feelings in Our Blues Episode 4

Jeong-jun has taken a liking to Yeong-ok. He has been warned by his co-captain and Yeong-ok herself that he shouldn’t go ahead with his feelings unless he wants to get hurt. Everyone on his boat has noticed how he looks at Yeong-ok with his eyes dripping with affection. While returning home one day, he sees Yeong-ok with Captain Bae and follows them in worry.

In Our Blues Episode 4 Han Ji-min Tells Kim Woo-bin Her Past

He makes drunk Captain Bae leave Yeong-ok’s house and camps outside in case he comes back. That is the first time, Yeong-ok asks Jeong-jun if he likes her and he smiles without responding. Yeong-ok is aware of his feeling and hence reveals about herself when she takes him out on a walk.

Yeong-ok tells him that she has lived in many different cities and has dated many men. She moves into a new city to run away from problems or from men. She has also done many odd jobs. Before coming to Jeju, she was an assistant to a shoemaker whom she also dated. She is experienced in love and life, unlike Jeong-jun.

Jeong-jun contemplates if he can handle a woman like Yeong-ok who has experienced more life than him. When Yeong-ok visits his Bus, they talk about this topic and Jeong-jun asks her out. Yeong-ok, without any hesitation, says yes to him. Given Yeong-ok’s past, she could easily move on to a new man and a new town and Jeong-jun decides to date her regardless.

Will Yeong-ok leave him and his town someday? What do you guys think?

Our Blues is available to watch on Netflix.

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