Green Mothers Club Episode 7 Recap: Things Keep Getting Worse For Lee Yo-won

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 7 is titled The Scarlet Letter and has a runtime of 68 minutes.

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– Green Mothers Club episode 7 recap contains major spoilers! –
– TW: Mentions of suicide –

The results of pissing off Chun-hui become apparent as Jae-ung gets to know a dangerous (half-truth) confession from her. Eun-pyo is unaware of what transpired between her (probably ex, at this point) friend and husband and as the celebration takes place at her house that night, Jae-ung looks visibly upset and doubtful of his wife, probably for the first time. Meanwhile, an analysis of the texts from Jin-ha’s computer paints the light that there was indeed something going on between Eun-pyo and Louis.

The next morning, in Green Mothers Club episode 7, Chun-hui and Jae-ung again share the same elevator and he asks her why she was carrying a big bag that night to Jin-ha’s place. Chun-hui, shakily, makes up a lie but Jae-ung isn’t in the mood to simply accept this. In her car, Chun-hui, tensed about the ordeal, posts a comment on the mom group about Eun-pyo’s apparent affair with Louis.

green mothers club episode 7
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 7

The comment brings forth discomfort and pandemonium in Eun-pyo’s life as people start sneering at her. The truth comes out of Yun-ju, who shows her the comments from the other moms. She realises after some thought that it’s Chun-hui and goes to confront her. However, the latter tells her to stop living her life like this and to have some shame. She then closes the door on an angry Eun-pyo’s face. It’s apparent that Chun-hui too feels some sort of guilt but probably has no choice.

Meanwhile, Jae-ung gets to know from the office that Jin-ha probably killed herself after catching her husband having an affair with her friend. Jae-ung, heartbroken, takes the text messages to Louis who tells her the truth about her relationship with Eun-pyo and that although Jin-ha suspected them, they actually weren’t having an affair. Louis just doesn’t stop with his truth bombs though and tells him how Eun-pyo had come to his house and asked him why he dumped her.

Frustrated, Jae-ung goes back home upset, which Eun-pyo notices. They talk that night and he asks her why she lied to him about her past and about her relationship with Jin-ha and Louis. Although he doesn’t believe that she was having an affair, he is upset that she lied to her regardless and no amount of imploring from Eun-pyo stops him from leaving. On the other hand, Ju-seok asks Man-su over drinks whether the etomidate that he had asked for is ready or not.

green mothers club episode 7
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 7

Man-su looks upset and uncomfortable with the situation and declines to help him out, especially because if he gets caught, he might not be able to get back to work. Ju-seok tries to steer the conversation another way, but it’s apparent that he very much meant making illegal transactions through Man-su. Other the other hand, Chun-hui meets her apparent drug dealer (maybe?) who blackmails her to get him money and refuses to wait for things to quiet down.

Eun-pyo, meanwhile, continues to get harassed at the bakery and literally everyone around her starts to shun her in front of her kids while Chun-hui continues to run from Eun-pyo and refuses to talk to her in any way. She finally corners her during kitchen duty and starts to ask her questions which Chun-hui tries very hard to deflect. However, when Eun-pyo tells her that she knows that there’s something going on between her and Jin-ha, Chun-hui runs away. Eun-pyo tries to stop her and in the scuffle, they both fall down and hurt themselves, causing a scene in the kitchen.

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green mothers club episode 7
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 7

Both of the mothers cry at home, one while reading her son a bedtime story, another while cleaning her wound. The next day, both mothers talk to their children’s homeroom teacher who decides to do group therapy with the parents afterwards. In the therapy session, after seeing Jin-ha’s apparition, Eun-pyo has a panic attack, to the horror of the other mothers. She tries to tell the others that she feels sad about her friend’s passing but Chun-hui cuts in and tells her that she must be feeling guilt.

Eun-pyo turns the table on her, but the discussion stalls when Yeong-mi quips in that she knows that Chun-hui fought with Jin-ha that night and she had a big brown bag. Thus, she knows that Chun-hui is lying. When Eun-pyo further probes her to tell everyone the truth, Chun-hui tells the mothers to stop talking and that there are several people who can send her the letter that Eun-pyo alleges Jin-ha sending. Meanwhile, Yu-bin gets sold out by Su-in to their teacher for throwing Dong-seok’s books in the trash.

That night, Yeong-mi suspects her husband to be up to no good, including abusing her son while Eun-pyo looks through Chun-hui’s pictures and feels nostalgic. As the day of Jin-ha’s funeral comes around, a heartbroken Eun-pyo is assaulted by Jin-ha’s stepmother. As she’s getting beaten by her, Jae-ung comes to her aid and tells her in front of everyone that Eun-pyo didn’t kill Jin-ha. He leaves with her and asks her in the car why she doesn’t stand up for herself.

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green mothers club episode 7
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 7

This opens the floodgates for Eun-pyo and she tells her husband that she hated the fact that Jin-ha stole Louis from her. It wasn’t the dumping that was the issue – it was her taking everything that she loved away from her.  However, more than anything in the world, she wanted to be a daughter her mother could be proud of.

Thus, thanks to a broken pride, she asked Louis after all these years why he dumped her. If that means that she was having an affair, then so be it. However, like the true champ that he is, Jae-ung tells his wife that he has always been impressed with her – she has done everything that they have alone. And although she could be many great things, she chose to be with them.

Meanwhile, the moms discuss in a text chain that one of the Class Three boys molested one of the girls. However, the episode ends before the big reveal.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 7

I found Green Mothers Club episode 7 to be intense. I don’t care for Eun-pyo not standing up for herself and in turn hurting her kids but that’s probably an issue for another time for the mom. It’s interesting how they are trying to spin the show more towards the murder-mystery path rather than the drama. I was a little on the fence in the last episode because, honestly, the constant crying was a bit annoying, but this episode, personally, struck a good balance.

green mothers club episode 7
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 7

I am also enjoying Jae-ung getting more screen time and not being turned into the “husband of the protagonist” role. I like that he doesn’t jump to conclusions and is upset for the correct reasons. I really am, on the other hand, dying to know whether Gun-woo was actually the one who threw cups down on the playground. Considering his violent tendencies, I wouldn’t be shocked, but I really want to know what the motivation was. Plus, how are Chun-hui and Man-su related? Apart from short bursts of information, we’re not getting much into the Ice Queen’s life as she continues to wreak havoc on everyone else.

I think the show can get interesting from here as long as we try to detangle the mess on threads that the series has so carefully created. Hopefully, it continues to be interesting and dramatic.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club episode 7 delivers a thrilling game of blame between the two ladies, a heartfelt show of support and something more sinister on the horizon.

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