Green Mothers Club Episode 6 Recap: Lee Yo-won’s Guilt

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 6 is titled A Letter From the Dead and has a runtime of 70 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 6 recap contains major spoilers! –
– TW: Suicide –

Green Mothers Club episode 6, obviously, starts with the death – a death so big that it invariably shocks the whole community. As the police and paramedics rush to secure the crime scene, Louis breaks down in front of his dead wife’s body while a shocked Eun-pyo looks at what’s going on. News spreads like wildfire all around as people start to get up and notice the storm blowing through their neighbourhood (quite literally).

A scared Chun-hui, however, has other things to worry about. After getting the news, she rushes around with bags of something, looking scared out of her mind, and starts hiding them. She definitely has things to hide though and when she goes downstairs, she finds Eun-pyo sitting on a bench. What’s more, the woman starts to scream-cry in front of everyone saying that she probably died because of her because… yeah that’s smart.

Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 6
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 6

Anyway, Eun-pyo’s husband is there to investigate the apparent suicide and an inconsolable Eun-pyo spills the beans about her past relationship with Louis to Chun-hui. She starts making scenarios in her head blaming herself for her suicide. Chun-hui calms her down as she starts hyperventilating and consoles her saying it’s not her fault. She further tells Eun-pyo to never say these things to anyone else, especially the neighbours since they will make up lies.

Meanwhile, Jae-ung is baffled to learn that his wife was the first witness. He doesn’t suspect his wife but does ask her to come to the station to give a statement. The guy really does love Eun-pyo, even though he is quite absent from their lives. On the other hand, Yun-ju freaks out about Jin-ha’s death and starts deleting her mean comments from the mom portal.

Man-su, in the meantime, has more pressing things to think about since she saw Jin-ha and Chun-hui at the hotel last night. Chun-hui, too, is very much aware that they had a witness and him up to ask about Louis’s relationship with Jin-ha. When he, in turn, asks her whether she had anything to do with this mess, she screams at him and asks everyone in a strange chat room to leave, which they promptly do.

Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 6
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 6

As the investigation starts, Louis, their housekeeper and Eun-pyo all gather at the police station. When Eun-pyo is being interrogated, Jae-ung is shocked to learn that she was friends with Jin-ha from university. At home, everyone is drowning out their real (and fabricated) traumas with alcohol while Louis is just walking around aimlessly.

The next day, Jae-ung is able to find out that Chun-hui was at Jin-ha’s place the night it all happened. Meanwhile, Chun-hui and Eun-pyo attend a meeting for the Gifted Students school where Chun-hui proves to be a great help in keeping the very tensed Eun-pyo grounded. She later drops Eun-pyo off, asks her to keep an eye on her daughter, and goes off to talk to the cops. She makes up a bunch of lies and cries so convincingly that no one suspects anything… at least for now.

Meanwhile, Eun-pyo finds a note in her mail which says that “she will never forget her wicked deeds even in death.” However, it turns out that the note is for Chun-hui, not her, which shocks her even more. That’s when her husband calls her and tells her that Chun-hui was the last person who met Jin-ha before she died. He asks her whether she knows anything, but Eun-pyo, baffled, tells her that she doesn’t know anything. She later remembers Jin-ha’s words to be aware of Chun-hui and is almost about to call Jae-ung, but stops herself.

Rather, she hands the letter to Chun-hui and asks her what’s going on since she was the last person to meet Jin-ha. Chun-hui, however, asks her whether she’s keeping tabs on her and tells her to get a grip on herself. She further adds that Jin-ha isn’t the only person who disliked her, she is surrounded by enemies. She tells Eun-pyo that she’s disappointed in her and leaves, however, it seems like the letter did have an effect on her.

green mothers club episode 6
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 6

As the kids prepare for the test for the Gifted Students school, Yun-ju tells her that she doesn’t really like Chun-hui because she has a wicked side to her. After the kids go in for the test, Eun-pyo asks to talk to Chun-hui and apologises for her emotional outburst. She further asks her what Jin-ha had told her that night, but Chun-hui in return asks her how she got to know that. When Eun-pyo tells her though, she acts extremely angry and tells Eun-pyo to never speak to her again. However, the fear is clear when she runs away from him.

Eun-pyo next goes to meet Louis to harass the grieving widower about whether Jin-ha killed herself because she thought that something was going on between her and Louis. He, however, is extremely angry and (rightfully) tells her that it doesn’t matter whether it was because of them since he can’t get her back. As he breaks down, Eun-pyo leaves and cries in the elevator. However, a small ray of hope comes in the form of both Dong-seok and Su-in getting accepted to Geoseong University School for Gifted Students.

The scene at different homes is quite different. While Dong-seok and Su-in’s homes are full of happiness and laughter, Chun-hui’s house is full of sadness and rage. It also doesn’t help that she gets on the elevator with Jae-ung and acts very suspicious. Chun-hui, however, like the vixen that she is, mentions that Jin-ha had told her that Louis was having an affair with one of her old university friends. Just as she finishes the sentence, the doors open and they find Eun-pyo standing there.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 6

green mothers club episode 6
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 6

I am a little confused as to where this series is going. I like the murder investigation, although this episode feels a bit soggy, I am confused whether this is about the kids and their moms or about a murder investigation. The reason I feel that is because the series seems to have put the kids at the back burner and has dived head-first into the world of murder and mystery.

In this episode, the only interesting kid thing that we saw was Dong-seok and Su-in getting into the Gifted School. Other than that, it’s just Eun-pyo running to everyone and airing her dirty laundry. I mean, I understand she needs support. But literally, everyone has told you to be wary of Chun-hui, your husband has told you that she was the last person to meet the dead woman. And yet, you run to her and tell her everything that she might need to hear to get away with a crime. Jae-ung should really stop telling his wife sensitive information about the case.

Right now, the series seems like a wild baby between Mine and Reflection of You and I don’t know what to feel about that.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club episode 6 has Eun-pyo being extremely annoying and forgetting not to trust everyone, now that a woman is dead!

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Green Mothers Club episode 6 has Eun-pyo being extremely annoying and forgetting not to trust everyone, now that a woman is dead!Green Mothers Club Episode 6 Recap: Lee Yo-won's Guilt