Green Mothers Club Episode 5 Recap: Lee Yo-won Finds Someone Dead!

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 5 is titled Entering Green Mothers’ Club and has a runtime of 65 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 5 recap contains major spoilers! –
– TW: Suicide –

Green Mothers Club left the last episode off in the worst way possible and in Green Mothers Club episode 5, we learn what Louis and Eun-pyo were up to. It’s not as shocking as we would like, and Louis simply asks Eun-pyo to not tell Jin-ha about the book that he’s writing. The next day, the moms get together to chat about their kids and someone asks Eun-pyo whether she’s preparing to send her son to the Geoseong University School for Gifted Students.

green mothers club episode 5
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 5

The other mothers are shocked when Eun-pyo is surprised about the school and tells her that the entrance tests are coming up soon and she must start preparing. The moms are really interested to know about Dong-seok’s life but Eun-pyo has to leave when she gets a call from Jin-ha to give her opinion about her work. It’s clear that Jin-ha has deeper reasons for calling her there but she asks Eun-pyo to write an introduction for her exhibition.

The offer puts Eun-pyo in deep thought. Meanwhile, Chun-hui tries to recruit Eun-pyo so that Yu-bin, Dong-seok, Henry can form a team. However, before she can finish that text is finished, she gets a message from the Daegang Prep Academy that Yeong-bin has scored lower than the class average. Obviously, she is heartbroken and angry at her son and just gives him threatening glares. She then screams at him for even thinking about eating after getting such bad scores.

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green mothers club episode 5
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 5

After the screaming match, she gets a call from Man-su and after dropping her son off, texts him to delete her number from his phone. Meanwhile, Eun-pyo and her mother are stunned when Jin-ha makes a surprise visit to her place and the three go out to have lunch together. Jin-ha acts as if she’s found her long-lost mother and she feels a bit too sweet for comfort. Jin-ha seems to be jealous of the life that Eun-pyo has, especially because she has a very bad relationship with her own mother.

She is so distraught remembering the past that Jin-ha starts bawling her eyes out in the middle of the street. Later, Eun-pyo asks her whether she can write the introduction. At the exhibition, Eun-pyo looks absolutely stunning in her new outfit. She mingles with old friends for a bit and then goes off to meet Jin-ha’s uncle who turns out to be Eun-pyo’s ex-professor. It’s an awkward encounter but no one lets the history between them slip. However, the audience can understand very well that Jin-ha is setting her friend up for disappointment.

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green mothers club episode 5
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 5

An embarrassed Eun-pyo rushes out of the exhibition and effectively ruins her new suit. The next day, Chun-hui meets up with Mann-su to tell him to not meet her husband or get into her life in any way. Frustrated, she asks him why he keeps getting used by others after so many years. He, in turn, tells her that he’s concerned that she’s still as reckless. She asks him to stop thinking about her and leaves.

A snippet of the past reveals where Chun-hui and Man-su might have met, but it shows nothing more about their relationship. Meanwhile, Eun-pyo and Jin-ha get into a heated exchange where Eun-pyo asks her to not contact her again since she always ruins everything for her. Jin-ha gets a visit from her step-mother that night and lays into her for getting it on with her father not even a month after her mother died.

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green mothers club episode 5
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 5

That night, Jin-ha overdoses on sleeping pills. Louis takes her to the hospital and Eun-pyo is tasked to keep Henry for the night. Of course, Henry can’t sleep without his toy and the four of them rush to his house where Eun-pyo runs into Louis.  Meanwhile, Jin-ha discharges herself from the hospital while Louis and Eun-pyo find their kids in Henry’s bed. Eun-pyo takes this time to ask Louis why he left her for Jin-ha. However, before that conversation can take off, Jin-ha comes over and tells them that she will jump off the building.

Jin-ha and Louis have it out against each other where she accuses him of cheating on her and him telling her that she’s selfish and that he has never been happy with her.

As Louis walks off to blow off steam, Dong-ju falls while playing and breaks his leg. Eun-pyo rushes him to the hospital. After the hospital takes too much time, she calls Chun-hui for a favour and finally gets her son treated. When Chun-hui visits her later on, she laments that she might just be too selfish to be a good mother. The former, without many options, consoles her.

green mothers club episode 5
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 5

Meanwhile, Chun-hui, duffel bag in hand, goes to meet a client in a hotel, closely followed by Man-su. However, she is shocked to find Jin-ha at the other side of the door. Meanwhile, Eun-pyo breaks off her “friendship” with Jin-ha over text.

After a seriously weird dream, Eun-pyo goes to throw something out and shockingly finds a dead body in the bushes.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 5

A dead protagonist (or antagonist?) is better than one who is alive – and oh damn, what a way to introduce that into the storyline! Green Mothers Club has become a surprisingly good show all of a sudden and the growing complexities in the relationships are absolutely shocking in the best possible ways. I need to know, first and foremost, what Chun-hui is doing with that man outfit and duffel bag? Drugs come to mind, but maybe there’s something more sinister at play here?

green mothers club episode 5
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 5

Moreover, I think there’s more to Jin-ha, Eun-pyo and Louis’s story than we are privy to. It can’t be just jealousy… at least I hope not. Although their relationship’s ups and downs can be quite annoying sometimes, that story still holds weight if they can do it well enough. Honestly, the possibilities with the series are endless and intriguing. Let’s hope the next episode holds a few answers!

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club Episode 3 is absolutely deliciously twisted with tons of mom drama on top of it.

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