Green Mothers Club Episode 3 Recap: Lee Yo-won in the Midst of a Startling Revelation!

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 3 is titled That Dawn Before the Day Breaks and has a runtime of 67 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 3 recap contains major spoilers! –

Those slaps in the last episodes ring a bit too true for Jin-ha and we rush back into the past. Poor Eun-pyo remembers the time when she used to feel left out and discarded in the dust thanks to her jealousy and bitterness. Was it Jin-ha’s fault? Probably not. It feels like Jin-ha really did like her and considered Eun-pyo a dear friend but never really realised that the feeling was not mutual.

Back to the present, in Green Mothers Club episode 3, Eun-pyo goes to meet Chun-hui and asks for her help regarding her son’s education. Chun-hui, however, refuses to help her and asks her to find what is right for her children on her own. The awkwardness is heavy in the air and Eun-pyo is next seen running to a private tutor with her son. She learns from the tutor that her son didn’t solve anything and that children in that neighbourhood study at least two years ahead.

green mothers club episode 3
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 3

Shocked and confused, she is unable to find a place Dong-seok that teaches the school curriculum. At the grocery store, she hears the others moms saying that Dong-seok has been blacklisted in the class. They don’t stop there and berate Eun-pyo and her son harshly. Heartbroken, she goes to confront them but that conversation goes nowhere as well. That night, she tells her husband that they should change schools and that it’s not fair for Dong-seok to face harassment at school.

The next morning, as the moms talk about Eun-pyo’s behaviour at the store, they learn that she has put their house up for sale and is probably moving. While the others are thrilled, Chun-hui seems a bit concerned. Meanwhile, both Jin-ha and Eun-pyo individually talk to their friends about why the latter didn’t like Jin-ha. Eun-pyo mentions that it might be her inferiority complex or her jealousy. Jin-ha’s friend tells her that since she won all the awards, Eun-pyo must have felt jealous. Jin-ha was also the reason why she changed her major.

Chun-hui, meanwhile, has her own issues. The problems Eun-pyo faced with Chun-hui, the latter faces with those above her in the richness totem pole. That night, both the mothers come face to face with each other and Chun-hui tells her that she feels bad that they are moving. However, their conversation is cut short when she receives a text asking her to make a delivery at that moment. Although we are not told what, it can’t be anything good.

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green mothers club episode 3
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 3

The next day, the boys have their last soccer game in the neighbourhood. Although Eun-pyo’s husband isn’t able to come, it’s still a fun time for the kids. For Eun-pyo, not so much. At first, she blows Jin-ha’s advances off, she then has to hear Yun-ju’s apology and then asks Luis to pretend that they don’t know each other. However, the real mystery is whether there’s something going on between Chun-hui and Man-su. Their husbands know each other from work but Chun-hui shoots daggers at Man-su for some reason. It also doesn’t help, then, that they have to go out to eat together but the entire meal is extremely awkward and tense.

The truth comes out later in the car, or a version of it – apparently he got fired for swiping drugs. They say a lot of mean things about him and Man-su doesn’t catch a break at home either after Yun-ju screams at him for spending so much money. Meanwhile, Eun-pyo has her mother-in-law waiting for her. She screams at her for everything and berates her for having her own dreams and aspirations. The fact that she doesn’t say anything to her is even more frustrating and it’s honestly just exhausting watching the tirade.

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green mothers club episode 3
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 3

After Jung-eun comes home, Eun-pyo goes out to get air and sits at the bus station. Later on, a frustrated Chun-hui again finds Eun-pyo and they share a beer together. Afterwards, they go out to drink together and have a fun time. Chun-hui asks her what she’d do if she ran into her ex in the neighbourhood and in between fits of giggles, Eun-pyo says that she’d be pissed. Eun-pyo confesses that she was fired and that she’s not really a professor.

The real fun begins when Chun-hui calls her druggie boyfriend (or someone) to pick them up and he tries to abduct her. Eun-pyo, like a complete lunatic, throws a bottle of wine at the car and ends up at the police station. They get out fast enough when Jae-eun’s cop buddy spots her and the two get home, unable to walk properly. Jin-ha notices them together and seems quite taken aback.

The next morning, after traffic duty, Eun-pyo meets with Jin-ha and tells her that the reason she never got along with her is because of her inferiority complex. However, she wants to let bygones be bygones and move on with this. Their conversation is cut short when she gets a call that a potential buyer has come to view her apartment. However, things take a turn when Young-mi posts on the mom’s board against Jul-pin’s homeroom teacher not doing her job which kicks up a horrible storm in the community.

Meanwhile, Eun-pyo gets to know that her son might just be a genius. She gets him evaluated and realises that Dong-seok is in the top 0.01%. Meanwhile, Jin-ha goes again Chun-hui.

Summing up: Green Mothers Club Episode 3

green mothers club episode 3
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 3

Green Mothers Club is picking up pace slowly and episode 3 brings forth some really interesting sides of the story. I am interested to know what is going on in Chun-hui’s life. She seems a bit too perfect and the fact that she has so many secrets feels shocking. Her relationship with Eun-pyo is also something I want to see explored – do they remain friends or have a falling out?

Meanwhile, what does it seem like for Eun-pyo now that her son is officially called a genius? Will the moms all flock to her or will she choose to not befriend those who insulted her and her son? It’ll be interesting to see her stance, now that things have drastically changed for her.

It’s going to get interesting in the next episode, hopefully!

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club episode 3 is an interesting episode with the introduction of several twists.

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Green Mothers Club Episode 3 Recap: Lee Yo-won in the Midst of a Startling Revelation!Green Mothers Club episode 3 is an interesting episode with the introduction of several twists.