Green Mothers Club Episode 16 Reactions: And the Best Character Award Goes to Jae-ung!

Green Mothers Club Overview:

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽)  is a Korean drama TV series based on the lives of the families of a competitive school district where everything is based on how good the students are in school. In this cut-throat environment, the mothers are the main players who will do anything in their power to make their children the best of the lot.

Lee Eun-pyo is the newest member in the competitive school district whose older son, Dong-seok, turns out to be a genius. Byeon Chun-hui is the resistant tough mom whose methods of teaching other moms a lesson are famous among everyone. When Eun-pyo moves in, she is warned to be careful of Chun-hui.

Seo Jin-ha is another member of the school district who has a mysterious past with Eun-pyo and a son, Henry, who is the same age as Dong-seok. Kim Yeong-mi is the mom who is trying to be different from the “tiger mom” approach that others around her take. However, she butts heads with Chun-hui frequently because of her views. Park Yun-ju, Eun-pyo’s cousin, is poorer than the other moms but wants what all the other moms want – for her daughter to succeed and be the best in school.

Green Mothers Club Episode 16 Recap (Spoilers)

The Green Mothers Club finale gave us an endgame with Chun-hui and Eun-pyo finding each other after the former’s prison sentence as they giggle together like schoolgirls. Turns out Louis did, in fact, cause Jin-ha’s death. Rhea is just there, no clue why. And a year after these incidents, everyone is back to their normal selves and moving on with their lives – a perfect, happy end.

Green Mothers Club Episode 16 Reactions, Memes, and Justice For Jae-ung!

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Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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  1. uhhhh no thanks, i just fastforward like 3 first eps in 10 minutes,
    40 years old moms that playing with kids every eps, nope, the girls looks good for they age, but running around in old grandmothers chlotes dosen look good on them, i dont like kids so this is out for my part, then are netflix gonna make more tv shows or movies with younger teen, with cool chlotes, that would be great, alot of strong coulors and details, this is a bit boring and too formal where absolut nothing happening, not so much really, oh good the talking is like 90% of each eps, have a nice day and bye bye

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