Green Mothers Club Episode 15 Recap: Eun-pyo Goes Rogue?

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 15 is titled Human Choice and has a runtime of 71 minutes.

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– Green Mothers Club episode 15 recap contains major spoilers! –

Ah, the sweet smell of justice. As Geon-u is charged and his movie is cancelled, Yeong-mi gives Eun-pyo a pen drive containing all the evidence that the police need to arrest Geon-u for a long time. As Eun-pyo is watching all of this on TV, she gets the news that Yeong-mi and her family have decided to move. She goes to meet Yeong-mi and the two of them clear the air about the entire incident. Moreover, Yeong-mi also gives her Jul-pin’s pet fish since Dong-seok really liked them.

green mothers club episode 15
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 15

Meanwhile, Jae-ung catches Kim Yu-na and brings her in for questioning. They found propofol in her blood and are waiting for her to confess the name of the supplier. On the other hand, Eun-pyo gets a call from Chun-hui and on her instruction, goes to her home to get her things for her. After giving her her things, Eun-pyo volunteers to drop her off at her mother’s place.

In the car, the two women talk about Chun-hui impending divorce and she opens up about her marriage and what it’s based on. When she gets down to get bread from their neighbourhood bakery, Yun-ju spots Eun-pyo’s car but when she finds Chun-hui inside she gets enraged. Chun-hui pleads with her to clear the air and tells her about Yu-bin’s condition and why they couldn’t tell anyone about it. Yun-ju seems to understand after a while and it’s difficult to be angry at Chun-hui at this point – she just looks defeated.

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green mothers club episode 15
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 15

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Chun-hui, Ju-seok steals medicines from the hospital and is about to deliver them to Won-tae when Chun-hui bumps into Ju-seok while trying to get away from Won-tae. Ju-seok drops all of his medicines and Eun-pyo and Yun-ju stand there looking dumbfounded at the scene in front of them. She asks Chun-hui whether she can do anything, but Chun-hui promises to call later and runs away with Ju-seok. Tensed at what she saw, Yun-ju rushes home and threatens Man-su to stay away from that family after he tells her that Ju-seok has been trying to get him to give him medicines.

Meanwhile, Ju-seok tells Chun-hui that the reason he’s selling drugs is so that the thugs don’t target her and the kids after his mother. He has no other way to make money and must do this in order to keep them safe. Chun-hui implores them to not get more meddled in this mess since Jae-ung, who is a cop, is their neighbour and they will get into big trouble if they get more involved.

The next morning, Eun-pyo is in deep thought about the happenings of last night and doesn’t really pay attention to Jae-ung who mentions that he might be promoted if he can bust a drug ring – a case that has turned out to be bigger than he expected. Eun-pyo thinks back to last night when Yun-ju told her what the drug was and that Chun-hui might be selling drugs on the side. Although she didn’t believe it at first, she slowly starts to wonder whether she might be on to something.

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green mothers club episode 15
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 15

She goes to Chun-hui’s place that day to give her her stuff. They share an awkward moment together and don’t really talk about the other night since Eun-pyo doesn’t want to make her friend uncomfortable. In her car, she gets a call from her old professor and by the looks of it, he has targeted her to complete a book that he will give her no credit for.

On the other hand, Rhea thinks back to Louis’s explanation of why he married her doppelganger. It’s the usual story of how she looked exactly like his long-lost love and thus he thought he had found her. However, Jin-ha was nothing like Rhea and he paid the price for his stupid choices. And apparently, Jin-ha knew about Rhea and died for it? Either way, Louis is bringing Henry to meet Rhea, who looks exactly like his recently deceased mother because that’s not going to traumatise the poor child more. It goes as well as one can imagine.

Meanwhile, as Jae-ung comes back home after a tough fight with the drug-selling gang, trouble waits for Eun-pyo after she gets to know from her husband’s phone that Won-tae has given away Chun-hui’s name as one of the drug sellers. Confused about what to do, she informs Chun-hui that the police have noticed and deletes the text from his phone… as if he has no other way to know this information. Yun-ju also calls him and tells him what she saw the other day. Eun-pyo tells Chun-hui all of this and asks her to turn herself in.

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Unfortunately, that’s not an option for her as she tells her since she has priors, they will never give her probation. She asks her for help so that she can leave her kids with her sister in Canada and then calls Man-si for money to get the tickets. Fortunately for Man-su, he thinks back to Yun-ju’s words and decides against getting the money. Eun-pyo, however, does give her money and tells her to get her kids to safety first.

For some reason, Eun-pyo goes full lawless citizen after that and evades her husband to take Chun-hui to meet her mother and then get her to the airport. After dropping them off at the airport, Eun-pyo comes home to her husband asking her whether she saw anything suspicious about Chun-hui and is quick to believe her when she says that she doesn’t. However, that trust is shattered when he overhears her talking to Chun-hui that night and berates her for helping a criminal.

Jae-ung rushes to the airport, followed closely by a frantic Eun-pyo who keeps calling Chun-hui, but to no avail. As Chun-hui tries to board the plane while on a no-fly list, Jae-ung and his colleagues as well as Eun-pyo rush through the airport to find them. Eun-pyo gets to them before the police but Yu-bin’s loud tantrum brings Jae-ung to them, leaving the fate of the four hanging.

Green Mothers Club Episode 15 Review

green mothers club episode 15
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 15

I am so intrigued to understand Eun-pyo’s motivation here. Sure, she wants to help her friend, but now that said friend is wanted by the police, would you go against your husband, break his trust and give out inside information to your criminal friend? And to think Eun-pyo herself has kids to think about. In my opinion, Geon-u’s storyline got over way too quickly and the Louis and Rhea storyline is completely unnecessary. Unless, of course, they come up with something crazier to make it worth it.

Also, did… Jin-ha kill herself because of Rhea? What is the point of her? Why couldn’t they just leave that storyline since I don’t think it will bring anything anymore. It’s just so unnecessary.

The it-theme right now is Chun-hui’s story and now that we are attached to her, watching her life crumble in front of her just feels sad. However, if you break the law, you have to serve your time and there’s nothing that you can do about it. I enjoyed the extreme drama thoroughly; the music was great and really brought forth the tension without giving you a headache. I think I am, however, a little confused with the direction of the story. It went from mom squabbles to a criminal case in 16 episodes. My dramatic self is thriving for it, but it just feels a bit much after a point.

Also, I just want to mention here that I totally stan Jae-ung. That man does not deserve this kind of treatment from anyone, especially from his own wife. Just unfair.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Green Mothers Club episode 15 goes off the deep edge but is extremely entertaining regardless.

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Green Mothers Club Episode 15 Recap: Eun-pyo Goes Rogue?Green Mothers Club episode 15 goes off the deep edge but is extremely entertaining regardless.