Green Mothers Club Episode 15 Reactions: Twitter Thinks Eun-pyo and Chun-hui Will Be Cellmates!

Green Mothers Club Overview:

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽)  is a Korean drama TV series based on the lives of the families of a competitive school district where everything is based on how good the students are in school. In this cut-throat environment, the mothers are the main players who will do anything in their power to make their children the best of the lot.

Lee Eun-pyo is the newest member in the competitive school district whose older son, Dong-seok, turns out to be a genius. Byeon Chun-hui is the resistant tough mom whose methods of teaching other moms a lesson are famous among everyone. When Eun-pyo moves in, she is warned to be careful of Chun-hui.

Seo Jin-ha is another member of the school district who has a mysterious past with Eun-pyo and a son, Henry, who is the same age as Dong-seok. Kim Yeong-mi is the mom who is trying to be different from the “tiger mom” approach that others around her take. However, she butts heads with Chun-hui frequently because of her views. Park Yun-ju, Eun-pyo’s cousin, is poorer than the other moms but wants what all the other moms want – for her daughter to succeed and be the best in school.

Green Mothers Club Episode 15 Recap (Spoilers)

Chun-hui’s illegal activities catch up to her and Eun-pyo decides to be the hero, unlike Man-su who, rightly, decides to not help an escaping fugitive with money furthering his own debt (looking at you, Eun-pyo). On the other hand, Rhea gets to know that Louis just randomly married Jin-ha because they looked similar. There is no serious motivation here. And also, she died because of Rhea? I am unsure about what that means – did Louis kill her? Did she kill herself after knowing why Louis married her? Either way, the story is getting more convoluted by the minute and if it weren’t for the theatrics, my reactions to it would’ve been very different!

Green Mothers Club Episode 15 Reactions, Memes, and Justice For Jae-ung!

Share your thoughts in the comments below! Do you agree with Eun-pyo’s actions? What do you think the last episode will feature?

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix. Read our Green Mothers Club reviews here.

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