Green Mothers Club Episode 14 Recap: Eun-pyo Gets Into Trouble With Geon-u!

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 14 is titled Yellow Light and has a runtime of 66 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 14 recap contains major spoilers! –

Yeong-mi’s words obviously ring loudly in Eun-pyo’s ears – learning that your best friend intentionally sabotaged your relationship is definitely not a great thing to learn. Meanwhile, Yeong-mi’s rash decision has Geon-u absolutely infuriated. He wanted the news to die down, instead his wife has made it such that it’s now spreading like wildfire. Meanwhile, a more matured Chun-hui is extremely proud of her son’s achievement but promises him to take it slow.

Things, however, don’t go great for her that night. Ju-seok calls her in a frenzy and asks her to get money for him – the gambling addict is losing money hard. Sadly for him, an invigorated Chun-hui serves him divorce papers. Oh man, I am so proud of her – even though he screws her over and threatens to expose her to the police, she doesn’t back down and calls him an idiot for not seeing the debt that they have accumulated.

green mothers club episode 14
Still From Green Mothers Club episode 14

Jae-ung, meanwhile, is hot on the drug trail but first, must tend to Eun-pyo who has resigned herself to bed after learning of Jin-ha’s backstab. Unfortunately, though, she throws away an important envelope containing something that Jin-ha’s housekeeper Nam gave her. When the latter gets a hold of her later, she asks her whether she viewed the photo and tells her it’s regarding Geon-u, that there was something about Geon-u that was not right and something was going on between the two of them.

After much chasing the garbage guys, Eun-pyo finds the picture and opens the envelope to find a nude of Geon-u, complete with a four-lined confession of love. Eun-pyo, now with ammo in her hand, thinks back to Yeong-mi’s and Jin-ha’s lies and, in the end, locks up the picture in a cupboard. Meanwhile, the search for the “needle lady” is on for Jae-ung and the authorities amp up their efforts in order to finally bring the horrible ring down once and for all.

Chun-hui, in the meantime, decides to move in with her mother after the divorce. The latter laments telling her daughter to marry a doctor just because and that marrying Man-su would probably have been a better idea. As if rubbing salt on the wound, Chun-hui notices Man-su and his family having a great time and cries at missing out on the happiness that could’ve been hers. That night, she meets him in her car and discusses her divorce. Shockingly, she also asks him whether he’d like to run away with her but Man-su turns her down – of course, she anticipated that and takes it in her stride.

green mothers club episode 14
Still From Green Mothers Club episode 14

Meanwhile, Eun-pyo gets almost a slap on the face when she sees Rhea while picking up Dong-ju. Obviously, she doesn’t know about the new girlfriend who looks exactly like Jin-ha and is understandably confused. But before she can get to her, she disappears. When Rhea tells Louis where she was, however, he is angry at her and asks her why she would go to his previous neighbourhood. This makes Rhea a bit sceptical and she (rightly) asks him why he’s trying to hide his past from her.

Very weirdly, Louis accusingly tells her that she was the one who left her and that she wouldn’t have come back had it not been for their parents’ deaths. Now, I think that this is an incorrect translation and that his parents passed away because the other option is that they are in an incestuous relationship and I really don’t want to delve into that. More interestingly, Eun-pyo does, later, decide to do something about the picture that she got and sends it to Yeong-mi who almost falls off her chair during a meeting.

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green mothers club episode 14
Still From Green Mothers Club episode 14

Now angry and destructive, Yeong-mi asks her husband what he plans to do now after she has put her pride on the line for him, even though she knew everything about him from the start. Obviously, Geon-u acts like a little mouse and promises to set things right, although she refuses to believe him. And then, even after all of this, Yeong-mi still tries to tell Eun-pyo that her husband has suffered through a lot and to just forget that this happened. I really don’t understand her!

Either way, Eun-pyo and Chun-hui decide to meet later that night to both discuss their sorrows. On the way, the little mouse Geon-u stalks and harasses Eun-pyo and threatens her to stop it with her investigation or he’ll hurt her family. Shocked and scared, she runs to Chun-hui and eventually goes to the police station. The same night, Rhea finally finds Louis associated with Jin-ha on the internet and is, obviously, very shocked and confused.

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green mothers club episode 14
Still From Green Mothers Club episode 14

However, the most shocked in Eun-pyo whose chance meeting with Geon-u makes him realise that he was the one who threatened him the other night. Going back to the alley, she finds the glasses that he left behind and scared, she calls Jae-ung to tell him what she got to know. Jae-ung gets into action immediately and gets Geon-u into custody while Eun-pyo finally tells the police the entire truth about Jin-ha and Geon-u and why he might be trying to harm her.

With all the evidence, the police get him good and the news hits Yeong-mi like a sack of brick. Turns out that the nudes were also fake and Geon-u might have done all of this to get her attention – he was the stalker. When Yeong-mi goes to meet him, he gaslights her and blames his misery on her, saying that he wouldn’t have done these things if she were prettier. You know, Geon-u is the worst type of person that you will find, without backbone or without any sort of redeeming qualities but thinks of themselves as these hotshots would just deserve the world and then some.

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green mothers club episode 14
Still From Green Mothers Club episode 14

Back at home, Eun-pyo tries to get a hold of Chun-hui but finds that she isn’t at home and her number isn’t available. When she later gets a call from her from a new number, Chun-hui finally tells her that she’s getting a divorce and that she and the kids have moved out in order to get away from him. She wishes for them to live a good and happy life, no matter what and it weirdly sounds like Chun-hui is bidding Eun-pyo goodbye, weirdly.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 14

Ah, what a twisty episode!! Green Mothers Club episode 14 straightens out a few areas of interest although what they are going to do with the Louis situation I can’t wait to see. Eun-pyo finally gets her bearing about her in this episode, and I am weirdly glad. She tells the police about Geon-u because I don’t understand what she was planning to do otherwise. Also, distributing nudes is a crime, always report it!

Geon-u, as mentioned above, turns out to be the POS that we expected him to be. Men like him are the reason why women feel threatened and on the edge – even if they look innocent, you’ll find out the truth if you look close enough. And after you have found out, don’t be like Yeong-mi – run as far away as you can. Speaking of Yeong-mi, I weirdly agree that she really never was an intellectual of any kind. She just wanted the clout and the fame but her true colours came out through this debacle. I mean, why would you want to be with someone like Geon-u, even after knowing everything. He abuses your children, lady. Come on!

green mothers club episode 14
Still From Green Mothers Club episode 14

Lastly, glad for Chun-hui. She has a long road ahead of her because selling drugs is not a crime that goes away unpunished for too long and it’s going to come back to her soon enough. Either way, her decision to divorce is absolutely great. Although it’s going to be difficult, at least she wouldn’t have to carry her husband’s dead weight with her.

Either way, an interesting episode through and through. As we near the last two episodes, we do have an inkling as to what might happen in the end. Nevertheless, I am excited to watch it anyway!

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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