Green Mothers Club Episode 13 Recap: Another Revelation Rocks Eun-pyo’s Life?

Green Mothers’ Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama TV series directed Ra Ha-na and starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-hyun, Kim Gyu-ri, Jang Hye-jin and Joo Min-kyung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Green Mothers Club episode 13 is titled The Two Faces of Truth and has a runtime of 66 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Green Mothers Club episode 13 recap contains major spoilers! –

Green Mothers Club episode 13 starts with Rhea surprising Louis with the news that she’s in Seoul. A frantic Louis rushes to meet her and is surprised to find her in his city. Clearly, they aren’t siblings which, you know, they immediately start making out in her hotel room. Meanwhile, Eun-pyo finds Jin-ha’s pictures in her students’ phones and immediately gears into investigative mode. Although she is unable to find out who sent it, she still asks everyone to delete it from their phone.

green mothers club episode 13
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 13

Of course, the thought of it rings heavy on her mind and she asks Jae-ung that night what the police’s role is regarding leaking pictures online. However, I find it a bit odd that she doesn’t tell him about it because he’s actively investigating the case. The next day, Eun-pyo opens upto Chun-hui about the photos and her inability to do anything about it. However, to her surprise, Chun-hui asks her to not get involved in this mess since it wouldn’t do anyone any good.

But, obviously, Eun-pyo isn’t someone to just let it go and she continues to try to figure out what is going on. Meanwhile, she also tries to juggle her work and meets some professors from her work where the professors also talk about Jin-ha’s nudes. I guess everyone loves gossiping in the correct circumstances. Either way, the way they talk about Jin-ha is really in bad taste and to Eun-pyo’s credit, she listens first before telling everyone that they have been friends since middle school. Of course, it’s an awkward moment for everyone else and they look down on her for not reading the room.

green mothers club episode 13
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 13

Eun-pyo finally decides to talk to Louis about the predicament while Geon-u is absolutely annoyed with whomever he sent the pictures to for exposing them to everyone. He learns about Eun-pyo asking around and a quick internet search takes him to Eun-pyo’s picture and he remembers seeing her with Jin-ha. Without many choices, he asks Yeong-mi about Eun-pyo and then divulges the entire incident to her, leaving his wife absolutely raging.

Meanwhile, Eun-pyo finally gets the chance to talk to Louis and tell him about the photos. He is shocked to learn about it and looks devastated at first. However, he asks her to stop getting her nose into things where they don’t belong and that he doesn’t want to do anything about it and doesn’t want her to do anything about it either. Eun-pyo agrees but reiterates that Jin-ha deserves basic human respect, regardless of her relationship with him.

After a failed discussion with Louis, Eun-pyo gets a visit from Yeong-mi who tells her that Jin-ha stalked her husband and sent him unsolicited nudes to get his attention. He asked for his friend’s advice and that’s how word got out. A shocked Eun-pyo realises that Geon-u was the first person who sent out the pictures. Either way, Yeong-mi tells her to watch what she does with the information since her husband is the victim here and that an innocent person can get into trouble if she doesn’t check herself.

green mothers club episode 13
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 13

Chun-hui, on the other hand, seeks legal counsel who tells her that winning this case wouldn’t be easy since gambling and drug addicts think that their spouses are endlessly rich. Thus, the divorce won’t be easy and she’ll have to go through a trial. She sells her handbag to pay for Yu-bin’s therapy sessions ad then shares her issues with Eun-pyo at the psychiatric centre. However, before she can learn what happened to Jin-ha’s photos, Man-su calls her to let her know that Ju-seok has asked him to get fentanyl and nalbuphine for him. Although he has declined to help him, she should stop him from getting it from other sources.

Unfortunately, things get worse from here on out after the pictures spread among the mothers in Dong-seok’s school. Eun-pyo tries to ask Yeong-mi why the pictures are still getting circulated, but she tells her to keep in her lane and that they are the ones who got backstabbed. It’s an absolute mess in every way possible and everyone is accusing Jin-ha of an affair left, right and centre.

Louis, however, isn’t someone who takes these things lightly and talks to Geon-u about why he went around telling people that he slept with his wife when he didn’t. Geon-u tries to make light of the situation but Louis isn’t having any of it. He questions Geon-u relentlessly but in the end, just asks him to make sure that the matter doesn’t reach the police. Otherwise, Geon-u will also suffer the consequences. I am a little confused as to why Louis said “also” … who else is suffering the consequences?

green mothers club episode 13
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 13

As everyone handles their personal problems, Louis goes to meet Rhea to spend some alone time. On the night of Yeong-bin’s big performance, Eun-pyo learns that Yeong-mi has been slandering Jin-ha in front of the entire school. She faces off against her and asks her why she would do such a thing when she asked her to keep quiet. Yeong-mi feigns ignorance but when everyone notices the commotion, she calls her outside to talk.

As the performance starts inside, Eun-pyo and Yeong-mi talk outside. In a shocking twist, Yeong-mi tells her that Jin-ha told Geon-u in a recording that she took Louis on purpose just to show Eun-pyo her place – to crush her self-worth. The revelation leaves Eun-pyo in a crying mess. At the same time, Jae-ung gets a visitor.

Final Thoughts: Green Mothers Club Episode 13

What an absolutely twist of an ending! Green Mothers Club only has 3 more episodes but it’s giving us new things to think about one after the other. In an otherwise mellow episode with a lot of screaming, the runtime is made worth it in the last few minutes and with some stuff left unsaid. With all said and done, I am really interested to know Yeong-mi’s thought process in this whole mess. The fact that she is running away from the issue as if that will solve anything makes me wonder whether staying without a husband is really such a big deal for her.

green mothers club episode 13
Still From Green Mothers Club Episode 13

In spite of knowing the truth, she is being so obtuse, even though she has two little kids to take care of. It’s so interesting and I wonder what she will do when Geon-u invariably dumps her. On the other hand, Louis’s character just keeps getting more mysterious. Has he been with two women who look exactly alike? Are these two women sisters? Did he have anything to do with Jin-ha’s death because he seems to be really interested in not going to the police about the nudes? He’s such an enigma (and a very good-looking one at that!)

On the other hand, I really can’t place Geon-u anywhere. At most, he’s a mouse who shows aggression in front of those “beneath” him, in his eyes. However, in front of everyone else, he cowers such that he’ll pee his pants. I am excited to watch karma get him – he’s too smug for my taste.

Green Mothers Club episode 13 shifts completely from the kids to the Jin-ha storyline. With so many moving parts in these messy relationships, I wonder what Eun-pyo will do with her newfound information.

Green Mothers’ Club is streaming on Netflix.

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Another shocking revelation rocks Eun-pyo's life in Green Mothers Club episode 13. But somehow, it feels like an expected outcome.

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